Valspar Championship

Saturday, May 1, 2021

Palm Harbor, Florida, USA

Innisbrook Resort (Copperhead)

Ted Potter Jr.

Quick Quotes

Q. You made a lot of putts, 20 putts today. With as it all the putter or did you do everything well today?

TED POTTER JR.: Yeah, I hit a lot of good iron shots today too to give myself good looks at some birdies. I had a lot of putts that didn't have a lot of break to them, so that helped a lot out there.

Q. What's been the difference overall in your game this week than what you've been doing this year so far?

TED POTTER JR.: Biggest thing is just finding more fairways I think this week it felt like. Yesterday I didn't really hit the ball that great and I struggled trying to find the greens. Today I hit the ball much better from tee to green, so and I had a lot of straighter putts than yesterday too on top of it.

Q. You should be tomorrow in one of the last few groups. What are you hoping to accomplish tomorrow?

TED POTTER JR.: Just go out there and try to play my own game and see where it adds up at the end. Try and hit a lot of fairways and if I can hit a lot of fairways I feel like my iron play right now is good and I'm starting to putt the ball well so I'll have a good chance if I can just find the fairway.

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