Valspar Championship

Saturday, May 1, 2021

Palm Harbor, Florida, USA

Innisbrook Resort (Copperhead)

Max Homa

Quick Quotes

Q. What a way to finish, 5-under 66, right in the mix. Your thoughts on how it was for you out there today?

MAX HOMA: Yeah, another day like the last two, just really solid. Everything felt really in control. I had my best ball striking day for sure today. Didn't hit a ton of greens but just never really -- only one time I feel like I was out of position -- really struck the ball well, kept making putts. So that's been fun. But just kind of a repeat of last couple days, I think.

Q. You and I spoke earlier this week about yourself belief your confidence, lack of anxiousness out there. How do you carry that over into a Sunday where you look to win again on TOUR?

MAX HOMA: Just keep doing what I'm doing. It's funny, it's 10 or so years ago but I used to do this a decent amount in college and when I first turned pro I was comfortable in these positions. So I had a kind of a dry spell for awhile, but when I get back here now and I've kind of been in this position a few more times more recently, I feel like kind of like the old me's back a little bit, mentally. Obviously the golf game can fluctuate, but I just feel like my head's in a good spot week-to-week and when I put myself in a spot like I have this week I just feel ready and comfortable and just kind of accepting what happens.

Q. One shot off the lead now in that second to last pairing on Sunday. How do you approach it, trying to catch one of those two guys at the top?

MAX HOMA: Yeah, they're obviously playing amazing, but I just got to go out and do my job, stick to our game plan. I felt like that was the biggest part of today was playing really patient, not worrying too much about what everybody was doing, just trying to shoot the lowest score we could and I feel like it's working, I really like how we're playing the golf course, so just have to execute and kind of see what happens.

Q. What did you hit on 6 and 8?

MAX HOMA: 6, I hit a 50 degree gap wedge. 8, I hit a 7-iron.

Q. Which was most exciting, 6, 8 or 18?


Q. Because of the crowd?

MAX HOMA: It was loud. 6 was cool but 18 was loud. That was fun.

Q. What's the most memorable thing you heard out there today?

MAX HOMA: Oh, man. I heard a lot -- I don't know, it's really hard to get over just the outpour of support, it's wild. I guess even as a kid I don't think I could have imagined that. So just everybody yelling, saying, Good job, keep it going, I'm rooting for you, just, it might sound boring, but that just means a lot to me.

Q. Do you like -- you came from behind at L.A., I don't remember if that was the case at Wells Fargo as well, but do you like this position being one back?

MAX HOMA: Sure. It's better than being two back. Just, yeah, I mean any time you're in contention I think you, I would like it.

Q. How good do you feel, because you were like seven back early in the day?

MAX HOMA: Yeah, didn't really look too much, so I just knew if I posted 4-under-ish I would at least have a chance tomorrow, but that's all you can do out here. Moment you try to shoot 8, you're in trouble. So, yeah, feel good to have a chance.

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