Valspar Championship

Thursday, March 17, 2022

Palm Harbor, Florida, USA

Innisbrook Resort (Copperhead)

Scott Stallings

Quick Quotes

Q. Talk about today. What a special day. 7 birdies. That one bogey. When you're at 6-under on this golf course that's pretty good golfing.

SCOTT STALLINGS: Yeah. I'm very fond of this place. I've had some good events here. And it's nice to see some putts go in.

And I was excited for a short week. It kind of felt like things were working right direction. Had a nice round in the third round of THE PLAYERS, which seemed like it took forever. And struggled a little bit on the last day, but came in, got some work done the last Tuesday and Wednesday, and felt excited to get back on the course and it showed out today, I guess, the last couple days.

Q. The putter was outstanding. Over 130 feet of putts made. You gained three and a half shots on the field strokes gained putting. That was a special day.

SCOTT STALLINGS: I guess. We had a good practice session with Tim, my short game coach on Tuesday. On Wednesday, he watched me hit some putts in the pro-am. And I rolled it nice at THE PLAYERS, just didn't quite capitalize throughout the whole course of the four days, and it was nice to see it kind of build over into this, into today.

Q. It's one of those days where you have the 3-putt bogey at 3, and I know that ticked you off, and then you roll in a 36-footer for a bounceback birdie at 4. That was a crazy bounceback.

SCOTT STALLINGS: Yeah. I think that anyone that's played here a lot has seen that putt across the green on 3, and I'm sure there's been times in my career where I would think about not putting that off the green. So the fact that I left it short by about 6, 8 feet was surprising, but I hit a good putt coming down. It didn't go in.

But when you're playing nice and got the ball going in front of you, I knew I was going to have some looks. Very fortunate to make a par on 5, kind of slipped in the bunker hitting my approach shot up into the fairway, but happy to escape there, and gave myself some nice looks on 6, 7, 8 and 9 and nice to see one go in on the last.

Q. You've been out here a long time. I know your mom and dad have watched you play a lot of golf. But they're out there following you. Do you still know they're out there following you?

SCOTT STALLINGS: It's a little bit different now. My kids, my son, was out there watching. He made it nine holes. He came and gave me a fist pump on 18 and he said, I'm going to the pool. So just it's nice to have. They don't travel as much as they used to, but it's their spring break, so it's nice to have them be out. And this was his first tournament when he was born, so to see him now come up to me inside the ropes, and he's like, I'm out of here. I'm going to the pool.

So it makes you, I definitely don't take for granted the weeks that they're out.

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