Valspar Championship

Thursday, March 17, 2022

Palm Harbor, Florida, USA

Innisbrook Resort (Copperhead)

Adam Hadwin

Quick Quotes

Q. 7-under 64 today ties your career low here. Just some comments on what went right.

ADAM HADWIN: A lot of things went right to shoot 64 around this place. Just a lot of good consistent golf. I wouldn't say that I felt great off the tee, but I was never in any trouble. I hit it really well.

Just a lot of good quality iron shots, working off the center of the greens to the pins, giving myself chances. I would like to think I'm a pretty decent putter, so I find that if I can just give myself chances, the more chances I get, the better off I'll be.

So this golf course I think rewards patience and I took advantage of that today.

Q. As a past champion here, what is it about this course that you're so comfortable with?

ADAM HADWIN: It definitely fits my eye. It's kind of similar to courses that I grew up on, kind of through the trees. You got to work the golf ball both ways. You got to be in position off the tee, otherwise you get blocked out on certain holes.

I also think, kind of my last comment there, rewarding patience. I think that's kind of how I play golf. That's usually when I'm at my best, just kind of plodding along, not trying to do anything too fancy, center of the greens, hit as many as possible, and just keep giving myself looks.

I think this place rewards that and can kind of punish some aggressiveness at times.

Q. The Snake Pit. Entering that stretch, is that something that you're, in your mind goes to or is it just another three set of holes that you got to get through?

ADAM HADWIN: Just another three set of holes. I think the key to golf is treating every shot the same, whether it's the first tee shot, first putt on Thursday, or the last one on Sunday.

So I certainly run through what happened back in 2017. It never leaves my mind. That's for sure. But you just got to focus in and hit a good shot. It's a good three-hole stretch, and to be a champion here, it requires some good golf down the stretch.

Q. Did you pull a little momentum out of the finish last week?

ADAM HADWIN: Yeah, I think so. My game had been trending on the West Coast for the last couple weeks and that continued at PLAYERS. I felt like I got some good rest coming off a long week the last couple days. And, yeah, absolutely. I've just kind of continued playing well, being smart, hitting greens, and giving myself chances.

Q. I hear the word patience quit a bit and I was hoping you could give me an example of an impatient moment.

ADAM HADWIN: Well, yeah. I mean, it's a good example, but a bad example at the same time. So I had 142, 143 yards in to 6 today and front right pin. The patient play would have been just to hit a little three-quarter 9, 15 feet left of the pin, take your 15-, 20-footer.

I tried to squeeze a wedge in there, left it short right, missed the green, and I chipped in, so it worked out. But that's where I think this golf course can kind of lull you into that a little bit and you want to be a little bit more aggressive.

I had a similar yardage on 9, actually. It kind of just worked out. I had like 139, 140, and I immediately went to the 9 in that situation, just get it long past the pin, try not to be too greedy, and I ended up making another birdie.

So there's just certain instances like that. I think 16 is another example. It probably was an 8, but I took 9 and just played kind of short left of the hole to have an uphill left-to-right, so I wasn't too aggressive with the 8 and, like I said, keep it out of the water, hit as many greens as possible.

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