Valspar Championship

Friday, March 18, 2022

Palm Harbor, Florida, USA

Innisbrook Resort (Copperhead)

Sam Burns

Quick Quotes

Q. Long day. Long tournament, but kind of a sketchy start, it seemed like, for you. 11 was an adventure.

SAM BURNS: Yeah, I was just trying to get back out in the fairway and just a little unpredictable off the pine straw over there and just caught the tree. But, yeah, I think overall a solid day.

Q. What turned it around for you?

SAM BURNS: I don't think really anything, in general, just continuing to play and try to hit quality shots, and I knew it was in there somewhere and it was just a matter of when it came out. But, yeah, solid round.

Q. What did you have for your second on 14?

SAM BURNS: 230, I think. Yeah.

Q. What club did you hit?

SAM BURNS: 4-iron.

Q. In moments of frustration do you draw on what you accomplished here last year? I know you said it's a new year, like, you came in with a clean slate into this tournament, but in terms of like either getting confidence back or going into the next shot there?

SAM BURNS: Not necessarily. I think it's just a matter of playing each hole as it is and not really trying to focus on what happened on the previous hole or get too far ahead. So just trying to play each shot for kind of what it is and try to execute the best to my ability.

Q. I'm really curious, that looked like a really good 6 on 11?

SAM BURNS: It was okay.

Q. Given where you were.

SAM BURNS: Yeah, I think obviously if I don't hit the tree on the punch-out I would have a better chance of making a 4 there, but yeah, overall it's not a terrible 6.

Q. Was it a pretty simple shot when you finally got it back to the left rough or did you have some more to navigate?

SAM BURNS: I mean, that's about as far as I could get it down there out of the rough, so I guess not necessarily. I'm just trying to get it in a spot where I could get it up-and-down.

Q. What was your favorite shot today?

SAM BURNS: The 4-iron I hit on 14 was exactly how I wanted, so I would say that one and that one was probably up there.

Q. Holes 16 to 18th Snake Pit, could you talk about what goes through your mind while going through that stretch?

SAM BURNS: Yeah, I think it's just there on 16, just trying to hit the right club off the tee and get it in the fairway.

18 kind of starts with the tee shot. Hit the right club down there and then try to put it in a good spot on the green.

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