Valspar Championship

Saturday, March 19, 2022

Palm Harbor, Florida, USA

Innisbrook Resort (Copperhead)

Sam Burns

Quick Quotes

Q. Another 4-under 67 today. Just kind of tell us how you felt about the round.

SAM BURNS: Solid. It was playing difficult out there in the wind picking up a little bit, some tough pins. So yeah, I think overall a solid day. I was happy with the way I finished the round out.

Q. How big are the late birdies? And can you talk us through the birdie at 16?

SAM BURNS: Yeah. I mean, any time you make a 3 on 16 you're picking up a little over a shot on the field probably. So that one felt nice, and then hit two more good shots there on 17 and 18. So solid way to finish.

Q. What was the club into 16?

SAM BURNS: 7-iron.

Q. Do you and Davis, have you guys played a fair amount together?

SAM BURNS: Oh, yeah. I've known Davis for years. We played a bunch growing up. He's always been a really, really good player, so it's fun to see him playing well.

Q. Any epic battles between you two?

SAM BURNS: I'm sure there's been some somewhere. Can't remember off the top of my head.

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