Valspar Championship

Saturday, March 19, 2022

Palm Harbor, Florida, USA

Innisbrook Resort (Copperhead)

Matthew NeSmith

Quick Quotes - 2

Q. You still fought back today. 2-under. How would you assess the round?

MATTHEW NESMITH: The goal today was to finish 18 holes. We finished 18 holes. I'm very happy. I played some really good golf in between those 18 holes. And I struggled a little bit here and there, but I wasn't, that wasn't the goal, that wasn't what we were looking for. I was just trying to finish on 18.

Q. They showed you smiling, laughing. What sort of mental triggers do you have to make sure that you're staying present in the round the entire 18 holes?

MATTHEW NESMITH: I'm just kind of going through kind of the motions. Mick helps me a lot with, just we have the same kind of banter back and forth with what the number is, where we're trying to go. I mean, we have a lot of back and forth and reading putts and chips and all stuff like that.

So kind of that whole talk is very easy for me to kind of stay in the same kind of rhythm throughout the round. We do that each and every week, so it's very normal for me.

Q. This has been one of the biggest tests you've ever had on the PGA TOUR. As you look to tomorrow and a potential win what's your thought process to make sure you arrive here feeling as good as possible?

MATTHEW NESMITH: Yeah, we're going to do exactly what we did today. We're going to put one foot in front of the other and we're going to go out there, and the goal is to finish 18 holes. Five hours later we'll see where we end up, but it's going to be A-okay. It's going to be fine.

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