Valspar Championship

Friday, March 17, 2023

Palm Harbor, Florida, USA

Innisbrook Resort (Copperhead)

Cody Gribble

Quick Quotes

Q. 6-under par today, 5-under for the tournament. 2-under in the Snake Pit. Were conditions any different today than yesterday afternoon?

CODY GRIBBLE: This morning early was a little bit -- I guess, it was just playing a little easier, but the ball wasn't going as far. So, honestly, the wind picked up pretty early in the round, but just keeping it simple. Like I said earlier, fairways and greens. Finally, had a couple putts drop on the back side, had a couple good breaks. I hit a bad drive on 11, was able to lay up and made a 15-footer.

But, yeah, 16, 17 were a couple great birdies coming in, kind of left my shots where I needed to leave 'em, and just happened to make a 40-footer and a 20-footer.

Q. Couple putts made? 189 feet of putts made out there today. I would say you made a few. What is it about these greens and the conditions that allowed you to see the lines out there?

CODY GRIBBLE: I done even know. I feel like I haven't been putting very well at all. I did make some putts today. I got to tell myself that I'm putting great. Right now, I still feel like I need to be working on my putting. But I've been working hard on it and finally some dropped. But it's been good.

Q. Win for Texas over Colgate last night in the NCAA. Penn State coming up. What are your thoughts about Texas chances?

CODY GRIBBLE: Yeah, playing Penn State. I watched the end of that game. I was concerned about -- I woke up this morning to see that Texas A & M lost, so I just hate to see that happen.

But, no, so we got Penn State and we'll see. They looked great last night. Defense looks good. They were pretty hot from the 3-point, so we'll see what happens.

Q. You're in here off your top 10 at Puerto Rico a couple weeks ago. But I wanted to ask you about the two tournaments before that. You made the cut, you played four rounds at each, finished sort of down the field, but how important were those tournaments leading into here to create some momentum?

CODY GRIBBLE: It's great, no question. I mean, that's the key word, momentum, confidence. I've been playing -- I started the year, I guess, at Torrey Pines and then missed the cut there. But, yeah, made the cut at Pebble, Honda, Puerto Rico, here. It's slowly but surely. Your goal is not to make the cut, but it's tough making cuts out here. So finally kind of getting inside the cut line, and then actually getting well inside the cut line, and just small increments and little steps forward. It's been good.

But, again, I've been hitting the ball really well all year. I've been working with Jonathan Buchanan, who's been great, back in Dallas, and I've got to thank him for how well I'm ball striking it. Putting kind of showed up today and hopefully it will stick with me this weekend.

Q. Is there anything technically or mentally that you can kind of pinpoint that has given you that extra edge to be able to have this uptick in results?

CODY GRIBBLE: Not particularly. I've been here before. It's been a little more consistent, I would say, the last few weeks with driving it. When you're driving it well out here and hitting a lot of fairways, most likely you're going to be able to hit a lot of greens. It's just going to give you a lot of looks, right? It's going to give you fewer bogeys and more looks for birdie.

So nothing abnormal, just working on what Jonathan and I have been working with and just going from there.

Q. What did that top 10 mean to you emotionally, finishing week and being able to get that monkey off the back?

CODY GRIBBLE: For sure. I think you work on some -- a lot of it, I think, is mental. I think anybody could say that I'm still working. It could be a lot better at that. But just believing in yourself. I hate to say it, but almost faking your confidence if you have to at certain times.

But a little bit relaxing. That Sunday round, shooting 7-under, I haven't done that in a while. So it was great to make some putts there and kind of keep the momentum going here.

Q. Is it cool to be just back up here kind of doing these interviews?

CODY GRIBBLE: It's been a minute, yeah, it's definitely been a minute. Yeah, when you're talking to all ya'll obviously you're doing something right.

Q. Max Homa has been such a cool story of someone who struggled a little bit and has ascended to top 10 in the world. Is there anything from his journey that can be instructive or inspire you?

CODY GRIBBLE: Yes and no. I think -- I don't know if Max had any surgeries or not -- but I think everybody kind of has their own journey. No question there's guys that have been out for years and coming back and playing and seeing what happens. You don't really know exactly how it's all going to turn out. It's been good, for sure, there's definitely a lot of guys that you can draw from and talk to, just keep your confidence up.

Q. Do you think it's an advantage to be left-handed playing Copperhead?

CODY GRIBBLE: No, I don't. I tell you, I think the Honda, I think the Bear Trap, I think you have, I feel like there's more of an advantage there. Not really. I don't. I think either or. With the wind setup in and off the right, I hate in off the right off a tee box with a driver or 3-wood. I would say most righties say the same thing, in off the left. But, no, I don't think there's any disadvantage or advantage.

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