Valspar Championship

Thursday, March 21, 2024

Palm Harbor, Florida, USA

Innisbrook Resort (Copperhead)

Kevin Roy

Quick Quotes

Q. You used the term that your putter was a little hot. Seems like it was real hot.

KEVIN ROY: Yeah, it was definitely hot. I definitely rolled in a couple long ones, but I think the key was I made the shorter ones that you kind of have to make around here. Once I saw one of the longer ones go in I kind of calmed down a little bit. I had great pace all day on the greens, so never really had any super stressed out par saves.

Q. What were a couple that really stood out?

KEVIN ROY: Par saves?

Q. No, the birdie putts.

KEVIN ROY: Oh, 18's a huge bonus. I kind of dripped one in there from 20 feet or so with a huge breaker. That was nice to see in. 17 I made another 25-footer or so. My pace was really good, it was, they were kind of just falling over the edge, which is very nice to see.

Q. You say you're off to a good start on the Korn Ferry Tour, what do you view this week as, what kind of opportunity to come out here?

KEVIN ROY: Yeah, it's a great opportunity. I'm very thankful to be in the field. Tracy was nice enough to give me a spot this week and super excited. Living here in the Tampa Bay area, this is an event I've always dreamt of playing in and finally I got to play in it last year. Yeah, I kind of told my caddie, who is my buddy, this week, I said, we got nothing really to lose, let's go out, have some fun. Because I'm mainly focused on the Korn Ferry Tour this year, but I'm going to try to keep the pedal down and see where it takes us.

Q. Things can change quick out here, can't they?

KEVIN ROY: They sure can, yeah.

Q. Last year you talked about missing eight cuts by a shot. What kind of a challenge was that mentally to be that close, know your game is there, and just --

KEVIN ROY: No, it was definitely a challenge. It hurt mentally, but you can look at it two different ways. You can look at it the bad way and think you played bad, but I tried to take it the positives out of it. I wasn't playing that bad of golf, a couple tough miss-by-one's towards the end, kind of dropped one more, but like I said, I started talking to a mental coach and it's really helped, it's paid off. I'm very excited about it.

Q. That help you with your approach on the Korn Ferry Tour?

KEVIN ROY: Oh, yeah, absolutely. Yeah, I started talking to him kind of mid, beginning to mid last year on the PGA TOUR. Even those missed cuts by one, I had a different outlook than I probably would have if I didn't start talking to him.

Q. When and how did you find out from Tracy that you were in this week?

KEVIN ROY: I found out probably two weeks ago. I was out playing golf with my dad actually down in where we live, down in Lakewood Ranch. It was awesome. Actually, the CEO of ReliaQuest messaged me first and sent me the e-mail that Tracy sent him. We were really happy. Luckily, the beverage cart was driving up and we had a nice cold beer and we were really excited about it.

Q. Where were you?

KEVIN ROY: Down at Lakewood National. Lakewood Ranch.

Q. Your dad is such a good player. Has he been your biggest influence in the game?

KEVIN ROY: Absolutely. He got me into the game. He's caddied for me quite a few times. He's out here walking around. I see him sprinting up cart paths to try to get ahead. It's awesome having him kind of along this journey with me, because he's been through it all. I really enjoy having him around.

Q. I'm going to end with a random one. There's seven Kevins in the field.

KEVIN ROY: I saw that on Twitter last night.

Q. Can you name all seven?

KEVIN ROY: Kevin Streelman, Kevin Dougherty, Kevin Yu, Kevin Roy, how many is that? Five?

Q. Four.


Q. Four. Yeah.

KEVIN ROY: I don't know the other ones.

Q. Monday qualifier, Aylwin, I think.

KEVIN ROY: Kevin Aylwin, yeah.

Q. Kisner?

KEVIN ROY: Kevin Kisner.

Q. And Tway?

KEVIN ROY: Oh, yeah, okay. A little more than half, maybe. (Laughing).

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