Valspar Championship

Friday, March 22, 2024

Palm Harbor, Florida, USA

Innisbrook Resort (Copperhead)

Lucas Glover

Quick Quotes

Q. Amazing what a couple under par on this golf course can do for you, right?

LUCAS GLOVER: Yeah, yeah, Streel said it earlier, but anything under today was a heck of a round. Anything around par today was a heck of a round. First 10, 12 holes were a challenge. Just, for instance, hit 8-iron from 124 on No. 5 to a front pin. So that was -- had 9 out and said, Yeah, this isn't enough. It was blowing, I would say, 30 to 40 there for a couple minutes.

Q. Does it keep you pretty dialed in when it's tough like that?

LUCAS GLOVER: Yeah, you definitely find a different focus, especially if it's going well, because one little slip-up, especially around here, can get you pretty quick. I actually, interesting you say that, I was thinking about it, I wish I could narrow down that much every day instead of just days like this, because I seem to do better. Maybe I'll act like it's blowing 30 for the rest of the year or something. But, no, you're right, you do find yourself a little more focused when it's like this.

Q. I'm sure experience pays off everywhere, but you played this place a lot.

LUCAS GLOVER: Yeah, yeah.

Q. Does it really pay off here for you?

LUCAS GLOVER: I think so. I think this place you understand that not all the holes are really attackable, especially on a day like today where, you know, it's, let's get in the fairway first and then we'll go from there, that type of thing. I did a nice job of that today. My only bogey was because I missed the fairway, and that's what this place can do to you.

Q. Where do you put this course on the ones you enjoy on TOUR, and if it's up there, why is it up there?

LUCAS GLOVER: I think it's one of the, I think it's the best course nobody talks about. I think it's the best course in Florida by far we play --

Q. Tournament-wise?

LUCAS GLOVER: -- personally. Tournament-wise, yes. I think it requires everything. You got to hit every club in your bag. You get done and you got some -- you got some reachable 5s, you got a couple short 4s, you got to hit some irons off some tees and you can challenge some holes and all the par-3s are awesome. I just think it's a great layout. And then when it's in shape like this, it's fun.

Q. When the wind was blowing pretty good was it at least one direction or did you have to worry about whether it was going to flip or swirl or die?

LUCAS GLOVER: Yesterday was that hated light and variable that a TOUR player hates to hear, because you would rather have a day like this where at least you know where it's coming from. Today we did. It was virtually southeast all day. You knew that. Yesterday it was kind of bouncing around. So, was it easier in that regard? Yeah, it was out of the southeast. We knew that. But it was, I don't know, 25 miles an hour harder, but at least we knew where it was.

Q. What has swapping putters done for you, a fresh look?

LUCAS GLOVER: Yeah, just looking for a spark. I've been rolling it nice, just not making anything. I just said, you know, it was actually a kind of a test, L.A.B. handed it to me at Bay Hill and said, Hey, check this out for us, just let us know. So I took it out Monday at TPC and went, Whoa, this is good. I didn't think I would ever like anything more than the one I was using, but it just seemed a little more stable. So I played it last week and then this week. Just feels a little more stable, which is really nice on a day like this.

Q. Esthetically different look?

LUCAS GLOVER: Yeah, definitely a different look. The other one was just kind of a block down there. This one, yeah, definitely got some more different angles to it. The original L.A.B., just in a smaller version that they just tightened up.

Q. Had you played with K.H. before?

LUCAS GLOVER: Yeah, quite a bit. Yeah, we played quite a bit together. We always get along nice. That was a heck of a round of golf he played today, even with a bogey up the last. But he putted beautifully, and nice eagle on 11, but, yeah, played a fair amount with K.H.. We get on good.

Q. What were your birdies? You made a long one at --

LUCAS GLOVER: Birdied 1, 2-putt on one for birdie. 20 feet on 4 off the fringe. Then it took awhile. 12. 12.

Q. Did you birdie 5 with the 8-iron.

LUCAS GLOVER: No, no. 12, I hit 5-iron, pitching wedge close, four, five feet. And, man, it's not often you talk about three birdies when you're standing in here, but it was one of those days.

Q. Streelman had none until he birdied the last and he's at the top of the board.

LUCAS GLOVER: Yeah, it's crazy. Just one of those days, one of those courses.

Q. What do you have coming up? It's kind of weird to see a little bit -- not weird, but we have the Masters pushed back a week, just by the calendar. Has that affected anything you would normally do?

LUCAS GLOVER: I don't think so. I guess with Houston squeezed in there this time, might have had a decision to make otherwise here or San Antonio, if it was normal. But probably would have figured out how to make it all work because I like here so much. Just gotten to where I like to play into a major kinda. So, off next week and then I'll play the next three.

Q. You look at last year's late season success, do you feel the breathing room it gives you, a different feeling?

LUCAS GLOVER: Yeah, a little bit. It was pretty lean there for a few years, and just being able to set the schedule and being in all those hotshot events is nice. So, yeah. You don't want to not be in 'em next year, so I'm kind of putting the heat on myself a little bit to get going. Hence, the putter change, just looking for a spark. Been out here long enough to know it changes pretty quick and can get going good and same as the other way.

Q. What's the order of needing a spark, changing equipment, caddie, coach?

LUCAS GLOVER: Depends who you are. I've never been one to blame other people, so probably equipment, yeah.

Q. Probably the easiest?

LUCAS GLOVER: Yeah, easiest. There was no plans, really. It was just that putter just felt great and seemed better than what I was using, which I didn't think I would ever say. But that was my reasoning. Yeah, I'm looking for something to spark here, but actually it's just better, so....

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