Valspar Championship

Friday, March 22, 2024

Palm Harbor, Florida, USA

Innisbrook Resort (Copperhead)

Brendon Todd

Quick Quotes

Q. Quieter of a day, but what was it like playing in those conditions today?

BRENDON TODD: It was challenging. I think with the wind blowing that hard, you just had to expect that every once in awhile a shot was going to go somewhere you didn't want it to and it happened a couple times to me, but I was able to grind through it with a few birdies and a few great par saves. So I'm happy with the result.

Q. Does the mindset change when you kind of knew conditions would be like that picking up in the afternoon?

BRENDON TODD: You know, I think that the morning had heavy wind and we had some wind and a little bit of rain at the end, so I think it was probably pretty even most of the day.

But I think the key was I knew yesterday morning was going to be a nice day, and so I went out there with the attitude I need to have a good first round to get in position because I knew today would be tough. Then it was just a bonus to go out there and play well in tough weather.

Q. Better conditions tomorrow. What would be a good round, good score, tomorrow?

BRENDON TODD: Yeah, I think back on the 4-, 5-under par. After the rain, the greens will be a little bit softer and if the weather is similar to the first day, we saw 5-, 6-under were the best scores. So 4-, 5-under par would be great.

Q. Any birdies or par saves stick out in particular from the day?

BRENDON TODD: Yeah, I had a bunch of good ones. I made some nice putts on 8 for par, hit it left of the green, chipped it to about 15 feet, and holed it. Then I hit it left of the green on 13, the par-3, and tough bunker shot, hit it to about 20 feet and made it for par. So those were big saves that kept it going.

Then to birdie 15 again for the second day in a row, that's a good long par-3, so I'll take as many 2s there as I can get.

Q. What's the rest of the evening look like for you?

BRENDON TODD: Well, we've been cooking at the house the last couple nights. I'm staying with Greyson Sigg, Lee Hodges, and Vince Whaley and we've been having a great time. We'll be watching some basketball and eating in.

Q. Who is the best cook?

BRENDON TODD: Lee Hodges has been surprisingly great. Yeah, he made a good chicken and shrimp pasta the first night and then grilled steaks a few nights ago, so it's been great.

Q. How are your skills?

BRENDON TODD: I made pepperjack chicken Parmesan last night and I think everybody loved it.

Q. We saw Stewart come up here and give you a fist bump. What sort of inspiration do you get when you see a guy like that on the leaderboard as well that's been out here such a long time?

BRENDON TODD: Yeah, I mean, longevity for one. He's just the pillar of doing the right thing. I mean, his life off the course and on the course. He's been such a hard worker, such a kind, Christian man to so many people around him. So I think for all of us out here he's a role model, and I've been fortunate to know him since my rookie year in 2009, and that's about 15 years. I used to practice with him at TPC Sugarloaf and not a better guy to learn from than him. So it's cool to see him still playing well at 50 or 51.

Q. Not sure if you'll be paired together or in the same group, but if you are how much fun would that be?

BRENDON TODD: It would be awesome. He's a great guy, I like his caddie, Crispy, a lot as well, so it will be a really solid pairing for us.

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