Valspar Championship

Saturday, March 23, 2024

Palm Harbor, Florida, USA

Innisbrook Resort (Copperhead)

Cam Young

Quick Quotes

Q. Bit of a rocky start and then you got it going real nice. What kind of flipped for you?

CAM YOUNG: The ball going in on 7 helps a lot. It was a bit of a rocky start, just didn't miss well, and, yeah, I mean, once that one goes in you're kind of like, reset. Hit it really nicely for a while there.

Q. Tell us about the eagle. What did you have in?

CAM YOUNG: It was 121, I think. Hit gap wedge, probably played it 113, 114. Man, it just came out really nicely. Something I worked on a lot is kind of those off speed wedges. Nice for it to actually pan out for me there.

Q. Yeah, what's it like in the middle of all this, everyone is so bunched together, you make a couple birdies you really move up.

CAM YOUNG: Yeah, it's definitely a super packed leaderboard. I think there's only six shots separating missed cut and the lead. So, yeah, it's a golf course that's difficult and you know that, with the scoring so bunched, it just takes two good swings and you can move up a lot. So, yeah, it's definitely about as bunched as I've ever seen one, but I think provides a lot of opportunities as well.

Q. Do you like that when it's packed like that?

CAM YOUNG: If you're at the top of the bunch, yeah. (Laughing). I mean, I tend to like more difficult golf courses in general, and I feel like the scoring kind of does this at those places, so I would say, yes, generally.

Q. The whole chasing that win, how have you stayed patient through that?

CAM YOUNG: I haven't, really. I've definitely let it get to me at times. I feel like right now I'm in a really nice place mentally. I've had really good control over my thoughts and emotions this week. They have definitely got the better of me at times, but I feel like I'm in a really nice place and I'm just trying to hit each shot the best I can. There's plenty of difficult ones out here, and if you're worried about anything other than hitting a good shot, you got not much chance.

Q. You've had some nice results this year. What do you see trending nicely for you?

CAM YOUNG: I've driven it nicely this week, I think better than I have -- I don't know if it shows up in the stats today or not -- but I feel like I'm driving it nicely. Then I made a couple putts, which I feel like any time I do that I'm just going to go from the middle of the pack to kind of the top 20 or so. So I feel like I'm always just a putt or two away from right there.

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