Valspar Championship

Sunday, March 24, 2024

Palm Harbor, Florida, USA

Innisbrook Resort (Copperhead)

Robby Shelton

Quick Quotes

Q. Let's start off talking about that albatross. Walk us through it.

ROBBY SHELTON: It was a perfect hybrid. My caddie Matt, he was like, it's just a perfect club. We finally got to go for it for the first time all week. I hit a great shot, honestly, it was right where I wanted to hit it. Didn't think it would go in, but it was a nice, nice 2 to help the scorecard.

Q. What was the reaction, how did you know when it finally kind of --

ROBBY SHELTON: We had some fans we kind of had to hit over, and we watched their reaction. At first it seemed like it went over the green, and then they finally made some noise like it went in. So, it was kind of delayed, but very cool.

Q. First on TOUR, but have you had any others?

ROBBY SHELTON: I've had two others. One on my home course growing up, and then another one in a college event practice round. But that was the first one in a tournament.

Q. How old were you when you hit the first one at your home course?

ROBBY SHELTON: I would say 15. Maybe 16.

Q. What was that excitement level like compared to --

ROBBY SHELTON: I didn't know it went in. I hit a 3-wood over a front right bunker and got up there and it was in the hole, so definitely not as cool as this one.

Q. You made 2 on the hole before. Can you recall ever making back-to-back 2s anywhere else?

ROBBY SHELTON: I really can't, no. I really needed that today because I didn't putt well at all, so just to have two hole-outs back-to-back helped a lot.

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