Valspar Championship

Sunday, March 24, 2024

Palm Harbor, Florida, USA

Innisbrook Resort (Copperhead)

Carl Yuan

Quick Quotes

Q. How would you sum up that day? It was pretty challenging out there by the looks of it.

CARL YUAN: Yeah, it was challenging and definitely played tough. I really hung in there, just really trying to commit shot by shot. Don't really let one bad shot or one poor result took my mind off it, just keep trusting it, committing it. Yeah, fortunately enough, I had a couple chip-ins today, and that was very exciting.

Q. Now that you're in and finished, you look at the leaderboard when you finished there's just a couple of three players ahead of you, how do you sort of process that?

CARL YUAN: Probably going to come up a little short, but I give all I got this week. Definitely wasn't in great shape last couple tournaments coming into this week as well, didn't quite feel too confident, I guess, just coming into the week. But on Tuesday, I mean, I guess I kind of just told myself that, it's my birthday on Thursday, so, you know, like my wife said, you just got to go have fun. If she seen me out there not look like I'm having fun she's going to be pissed, I'm going to have a long day after I get back home today. But, yeah, I did a good job just keep myself entertained, just really have fun just hitting golf shots. Not making golf swings, just hitting golf shots. It's a really challenging course already and people are going to make mistakes. I just make sure I just don't spiral down on mistakes.

Q. You talked about having fun when we spoke to you on Thursday after your opening round and how challenging is it for you to stay out there and have fun and not get too technical with your golf swing and shots.

CARL YUAN: Oh, yeah, I mean, definitely it's challenging out here. You see pretty much everybody go on the range, work on stuff, you see coaches out here. I mean, it's something, it's constant for a player to strive to be a better, just a better golfer in general, so definitely on the technical side we all want to be better, be more consistent, but it may not work for everybody. Probably, particularly for me, that when I try to be too technical, like it just really takes my mind down a bad route. So, me just hitting shot after shot, making different golf swings, I mean, if I want to hit a 50-yard hook, I'm going to hit one here. There's no swing on the range a coach is really going to teach to you hit a 50-yard hook, but that's how I like playing golf. Yeah, I think that's where my talent is in this game. I got to make sure I don't take myself out of that.

Q. Having a second top 10 this season after one at Sony in the first event of the year, how much confidence does that give you moving ahead?

CARL YUAN: I think for sure, I had a tough stretch after Sony. But kind of just look back on the weeks I do well, I play aggressive, enjoy, enjoy hitting shots. Like, when I hit a shot, the ball, as soon as it leave the club face, I can turn around confidently no matter where the ball goes. I mean, I already done all my work at that point. Where the ball went, that's its business, not mine. So all I do, I try to really give all I got into a golf shot, and the result it happens this way or another, I mean, it is what it is in this game.

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