AT&T Byron Nelson

Thursday, May 13, 2021

McKinney, Texas, USA

TPC Craig Ranch

Seamus Power

Quick Quotes

Q. Can you walk me through the eagle on 18, the chip-in you had there?

SEAMUS POWER: Yeah, I mean, I actually didn't hit the best tee shot. I kind of pushed it a little bit to the right, but got lucky enough with the lie that I was able to get it just short of the green, and then obviously with placing I was able to have a perfect lie.

Yeah, I hit it very nicely. I knew as soon as I hit it it would be close, but to see to fall in was a huge bonus.

Q. It was a great round today. What are your takeaways overall?

SEAMUS POWER: Yeah, I knew my game was in pretty good shape. Still you have to kind of put the scores on the board, on the scorecard.

So that was nice. Played well last two weeks just haven't put the scores together, so kind of nice to see that.

Q. What are your experiences on this course specifically? Have you ever played here before?

SEAMUS POWER: No. Saw it for the first time on Monday. I mean, I had looked at scores in the past. I know they hosted the Tour Championship here for the Korn Ferry at qualifying school at some point.

No, for me it's the first time so learning it as I go.

Q. Best of luck the rest of the week.


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