AT&T Byron Nelson

Thursday, May 13, 2021

McKinney, Texas, USA

TPC Craig Ranch

Pierceson Coody

Quick Quotes

Q. Pierceson, it's a heck of a way to finish, huh?

PIERCESON COODY: Yeah. That was a lot better.

Q. Two eagles on the card today.


Q. And a bomb on the last. Just overall impressions on today.

PIERCESON COODY: I didn't quite have the game I wanted to. Drove it really well. Everything was quite a bit off, to say the least.

But first TOUR start was still fun. I still enjoyed being all there with all my friends and family here, so overall still good experience and just see what happens tomorrow.

Q. What was the atmosphere like with being able to play in your own backyard and having your family and friends out there?

PIERCESON COODY: It couldn't have been better. It's so much fun to be able to see them. You hit a good shot, hit a bad shot, they're laughing and cheering for you no matter what.

So overall just awesome to have them out here and to be able to have fans again.

Q. Specifically your grandfather, how special was that to have somebody of his caliber to be out there?

PIERCESON COODY: Right. Knowing what he did on the TOUR his whole career and just being able to learn from him, I'm sure he's going to have something to say encouraging. You know, just try and get whatever information and experience I can out of him.

So for him to be able to watch my round today was really special.

Q. Has there been a specific piece of advice he's given you going into this week on how to prepare for an event like this?

PIERCESON COODY: His best piece of advice is three is better than four, four is better than five, and just get the ball in the hole and keep going. A golf is a game. Just keep going and keep playing well.

Q. With this being your first pro event, was there a moment out there today that you kind of stepped back and you were like, Yeah, this is pretty cool?

PIERCESON COODY: Just on the first tee and seeing all my friends and everyone on the outside looking in. I haven't experienced anything like that. The Walker Cup was fun and there were a lot the of people, but I didn't quite have friends and family there. This was the first time that I've had that feeling of being inside the ropes.

Q. What was your best shot that you hit today?

PIERCESON COODY: Best shot, I had a 3-iron for about 260 on No. 6, the par-5. Hit it to about eight or nine feet I think and I end up making eagle there, too.

So definitely the best shot of the day. Kind of curved the round a little bit.

Q. All right. Great.

PIERCESON COODY: Awesome. Thank you.

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