AT&T Byron Nelson

Saturday, May 15, 2021

McKinney, Texas, USA

TPC Craig Ranch

Alex Noren

Quick Quotes

Q. Alex, just talk about your round today and how things went for you.

ALEX NOREN: Yeah, I mean, it was not as clean as the first two rounds. Obviously you can see that on the scorecard, too. Hit a lot of good shots; hit a few bad shots; got away with a few when I was putting pretty good.

Overall if it I would've shot 4-under would be really pleased with my day.

Q. What kind of things are you going to draw upon going into the final round tomorrow, especially with the conditions being a little iffy?

ALEX NOREN: Yeah, like this course right now is a little bit firmer coming into the greens. Few pins are tougher to get to. Overall, I don't know. I mean, you just try to play good, hit the fairways.

Today I missed so many fairways and they're pretty good, but you miss and it's tough from the rough. It's tough from the bunkers or the rough. Very tough all of a sudden and from the fairways somewhat easy.

So you just got to hit it -- drive it straight and you got a chance at this course.

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