AT&T Byron Nelson

Thursday, May 12, 2022

McKinney, Texas, USA

TPC Craig Ranch

Christiaan Bezuidenhout

Quick Quotes

Q. Christiaan, good round today, 5-under. Just get a few comments on what you felt good about.

CHRISTIAAN BEZUIDENHOUT: Yeah, my game felt good today. I was putting better which was a bit off the last couple of months. Wasn't making enough putts; ball striking was good.

So the putter was good today. I was just driving it well, reading greens, just gave myself opportunities, which was good.

Q. How much experience have you had on this course before?

CHRISTIAAN BEZUIDENHOUT: This is my first time playing it. I've only played the nine holes on Tuesday and nine holes in the pro-am yesterday, so I haven't seen much of it.

But all the golf course is pretty much in front of you. It's a pretty accessible driving course, but it's quite long. You have to hit your second shot in the right position.

Q. Last question. Just about the wind, was the wind much of a factor today?

CHRISTIAAN BEZUIDENHOUT: Wasn't as much as the first couple of days, but it was still club and a half, two club wind, which is still a challenge.

But, yeah, golf course was soft in the morning so you could take advantage of a few flags, which was nice.

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