AT&T Byron Nelson

Thursday, May 12, 2022

McKinney, Texas, USA

TPC Craig Ranch

Mito Pereira

Quick Quotes

Q. Mito, just give us a little overview of the round. How well did things go for you out there today?

MITO PEREIRA: Yeah, pretty steady the whole way. Hit some really good shots. Put it really close. Made some good putts, so that's what you need to do to shoot 8-under.

Great drives, too, so just a solid round.

Q. Z├╝rich, was it you or Joaquin that had the injury?


Q. How is that feeling?

MITO PEREIRA: Got a little injury, back pain. Had to withdraw from Zurich. It was a shame, but just in rehab for like two weeks. I was able to play Wells Fargo last week, but just needed to do a little bit more time to like really recover 100% and just get back this week and get ready for next week the PGA Championship.

Q. I'm sure the hot weather out here helps you loosen up a little bit.

MITO PEREIRA: Yeah, but we did just great work on the back, and I think right now it's pretty good.

Q. Why is the course yielding so many low scores out there this morning?

MITO PEREIRA: You know, when I got here it was weird, because I saw there was 25-under last year. I said, I mean, this course is not that easy to shoot 25.

Some holes play short because of the wind. Greens are in really good condition, so if you just hit it well you're going to probably make it.

I think today all par-5s were reachable almost, so I think I shot 5-under on the par-5s, so that's a big number right there.

Q. What did you think when you looked up at the board and you saw Sebastian at 60?

MITO PEREIRA: It's crazy. I couldn't believe it. Such a great round I guess. I haven't looked at his scorecard so I'm going to check it.

Q. When you put up a 64 and you look up and see a 60 you've got to be like, what course is he playing?

MITO PEREIRA: No, it's -- I mean, it's just some rounds somebody goes really low. Just it's good that it's four days, not just one.

Q. So you're feeling good after round one. What more do you got to take into as you continue on here?

MITO PEREIRA: Just the same, you know. Like I said to the radio, like you shoot 8-under, it's not that you're going to change anything. Just try to go the same way tomorrow and try to shoot an 8-under again.

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