AT&T Byron Nelson

Friday, May 13, 2022

McKinney, Texas, USA

TPC Craig Ranch

Ryan Palmer

Quick Quotes

Q. A few highlights and comments on today's round. Did you feel something like that coming on?

RYAN PALMER: Man, I can sit here and say yes, but you never know when you're going to come out and shoot a 10-under round, for sure.

I knew my game was in good shape, had a nice finish last night to finish the day of shooting 5-under. Felt over par to Munoz who was 12-under. But today was a matter of knowing you had to shoot low, put up a good number just to stay within striking distance. You never know when you're going to catch lightning like that and to make 10 birdies today is awesome feeling, especially in front of some fans and some friends and family.

So I love where we're at, love what Randy Smith and I are doing and some of the best putting I've been doing as well.

Q. The par-5s, 9-under, what's up with that?

RYAN PALMER: You got to get them week for sure. Fortunately I had two eagles yesterday. You get No. 9 playing short at 480, so I was able to hit 6-irons in both days into that one.

And then a great 3 last night on number 18.

But main thing I'm driving the ball well and that's the key on par-5s when you get 'em playable like this. Keep doing what I'm doing and I'm excited for the weekend and I love playing well and especially when I'm at home.

Q. What is the pressure like, obviously you got such ties to the area, you mentioned a little bit of added pressure?

RYAN PALMER: Yeah, it always does. Every player when they play at home has that pressure. Especially this week and then of course with Charles Schwab coming up in two weeks where I'm a member at Colonial.

Those are, the pressure's added just because you want to play well in front of your family, in front of your friends, and so it's just a matter much just kind of putting that to the side and just, when I leave the house it's like I'm at a tournament wherever I'm at. So it's a matter of just putting everything aside, come out take care of my business, but the nice part is I get to go home and be with them.

Q. You're maybe a little overshadowed as one of the quote unquote local guys in a tournament like this. It's been awhile since you won an individual event. What would it mean to come through and win here?

RYAN PALMER: Yeah, no, I mean it's been a long career, fortunately I won four times, but last one being the Zurich, with Jon Rahm.

It's so hard to win out here. I mean these guys are so good. I spent 19 years doing this, unbelievable that I've been here that long, and these young guys are, you got to play such great golf to beat 'em. I truly believe, James and I both believe that I can win and win multiple times I think coming up in with what's left of my career. So it's a matter of just getting over that hump and playing well.

So I played great at San Antonio, leading after two days and we're back here again as of right now, I'm sure I'll be one or two back going into tomorrow, but we're in position again and we'll learn from what we learned in San Antonio and try and do it here.

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