AT&T Byron Nelson

Friday, May 13, 2022

McKinney, Texas, USA

TPC Craig Ranch

Ryan Palmer

Quick Quotes - 2

Q. It all really started on the 12th where you finished so strong. That had to give you some confidence.

RYAN PALMER: Yeah, no, it was one of those days. I felt good about what I've been doing, playing yesterday shot a nice 5-under which felt over par after what Munoz did.

But today it was just coming out knowing you got to shoot low on this golf course. The things I'm working on, Randy Smith and I have been working on, it's just staying in the moment, hitting the shots I need to and I feel like it's some of the best putting I've been doing lately and it showed today. All around the game is, the chipping, the driving, everything's working right now.

Q. How about the par-5s? They are gettable out here. You played eight par-5s, you played them in 9-under par.

RYAN PALMER: It helped two eagles. They got 9 playing obviously really short, I hit 6-iron both days into it. But unbelievable 3 last night on 18.

But just playing smart. I'm hitting the driver well and putting myself in position to give myself some easy birdie chances. So just doing everything else like I need to and having some fun.

Q. You're a true Texan, Amarillo High, Golden Sandstorm, Texas A&M, Gig 'em Aggies, season ticket holder Dallas Cowboys. Has to be really satisfying to you to perform so well in your home state in your hometown now?

RYAN PALMER: Yeah, it is. It's a little added pressure when I play in Texas, especially this week and with Charles Schwab coming up in two weeks, a lot of friends, a lot of Blow Sand Blows out there, a lot of Gig 'Em Aggies. So it's a lot of pressure on myself but I love it, I have a lot of family and friends out this week.

And guys, every guy out here they will tell you they want to play so well in their home state and hometown and in front of their friends and family, so I like what we're doing so far, so hopefully can give 'em a great show this weekend.

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