AT&T Byron Nelson

Saturday, May 14, 2022

McKinney, Texas, USA

TPC Craig Ranch

Joaquin Niemann

Quick Quotes

Q. Just your general overall perspective on today's round. How did it go out there for you?

JOAQUIN NIEMANN: Yeah, it was a great round. Obviously it was super hot today, the course was playing super slow, we were waiting -- a couple par-4s that they moved up the tees a little forward, which it was fun, but, yeah, I mean at the same time made the round a little bit longer.

But still pretty happy the way I played. Would like to have ended up with a birdie on 18 but it was overall super nice round and I'm in a pretty good position for tomorrow.

Q. How big was that birdie on 17 to bounce back from that bogey on 16?

JOAQUIN NIEMANN: Yeah, I just hit a bad driver on 16 and then hit a really good second shot out of the trees, it just went a little longer than I thought and ended up on the wrong side.

And then on 17 I make a, yeah, it was a really good putt to get that momentum to 18 and try to make another birdie on 18. I hit a great driver, great second shot, just not the best chip I hit, but, yeah, I mean, I think I lost a couple shots there on 18, knowing that they moved the tees a little bit forward, it would have been nice playing from the back tees.

Q. Jordan was saying that he was a little surprised that they kept it the same way from as well as Thursday and Friday. What did you think about the setup today, they were looking for low scores.

JOAQUIN NIEMANN: Yeah, I think No. 9 was, it was a great hole from the back tees. It's a perfect par-5.

And then we have a lot of easy par-5s here that you are pretty close from to hit it to the green, almost every par-5 you hit a 6- or 5-iron to the green.

And on 18 I think it was playing a really nice par-5 on the first two days where you hit a good driver you had a chance to get to the green. And now, yeah, I mean it was just playing a little easier, but yeah, hopefully tomorrow we'll see how it sets up and hopefully it sets up good for my game tomorrow.

Q. I wanted to ask you about a little thing I saw out there today, when you were on 7 tee after you hit your shot you looked over at Sebastian after he had holed out from the bunker on 6 and you sort of shared a moment. If you could share sort of the friendship you two guys have and just being able to have that sort of moment together.

JOAQUIN NIEMANN: Yeah, we have a great friendship. I think it's been nice to have Sebastian, Carlos, Mito, all out here on the same place on TOUR, knowing that we have really stressful moments during the year, really stressful moments during the year and being able to have friends out here, competitive games also having with good friends, it makes it a lot more interesting, more fun.

And, yeah, me and Sebastian, we get along pretty good and I saw his bunker shot on No. 6, it was pretty good bunker shot and I knew he made it, so, yeah, I just kind of congratulating him and hopefully we can play tomorrow together and have a good day.

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