AT&T Byron Nelson

Thursday, May 11, 2023

McKinney, Texas, USA

TPC Craig Ranch

S.Y. Noh

Quick Quotes

Q. Round of 60, break your driver. Kind of characterize how well you were playing out there today.

S.Y. NOH: You know, just everything was going amazing. Like not perfect, it's going just amazing day. Off the tee, missed two drivers because the crack of the driver head. Except two shots off the tee through the green, everything going perfectly today.

Then I'm really happy for my career low on the PGA TOUR.

One shot missed to 59, but I'm really happy with that.

Q. When did the driver crack happen? Was it the swing on 12 --

S.Y. NOH: Yes, after the 12th. When I hit on 12, I'm swinging so nicely feel like, but keep going -- like 70 yards going right. So I just look at the driver and it got the crack in it.

Q. What were the rules officials telling you?

S.Y. NOH: They said during the practice swing, during the shot, if it damaged the club, we can't replacement, but just the crack, you can see no replacement. So I'm hitting one more driver on 13, and then finally like it's gone, like my driver head. That's why after the 13th he got the replacement after the 13th.

Q. It had to be like indented or something like that?

S.Y. NOH: Yes.

Q. What did you hit off the tee on 18?

S.Y. NOH: Driver. After the 13th I got a replacement for the driver. New driver head.

Q. You said the wind is what made you decide not to go for the green in two; is that right? Just too much wind?

S.Y. NOH: Not too much wind, but for the distance-wise. So my 3-wood going off the ground like 265 off the ground, but it's like just under 260 without the wind. It's like borderline.

Q. Was there any part of you that said even though it's borderline, go for it anyway, or did reason come in there?

S.Y. NOH: Today is going -- everything going good. Even wedge game and putting, everything going good. I'm just trying to make birdie, just forget about the eagle 59.

Q. What about those long putts on the back? You had the really long one to save par, you had a couple long ones for birdie, including that one on 17 that kind of kept 59 alive. What was going on with the putter today?

S.Y. NOH: I have no idea. After making 16 long par putt, I talked to James Hahn, I said, what's going on, what happened today. He said, just don't think about it, just go play. No idea, just go make everything today.

Q. What did you think of the new 17, that enclosed stadium-style hole? What did you think of that hole?

S.Y. NOH: You know, we used to it. We had a couple tournaments a year, same like trying to do the same. I don't know about today because play early in the morning, not many crowd, so playing like normal. Very quiet. I don't know about late Sunday, late afternoon. I just can't wait to play late afternoon, like crowded.

Q. When you driver cracked, has that ever happened to you before?

S.Y. NOH: No, never. First time ever in my career.

Q. Did your caddie say, just try to play through it, or he just said --

S.Y. NOH: I'm trying to hit 3-wood, but hole No. 13 is the longest hole coming up on the course. I'm little think about it on 13 tee because if I hit 3-wood, maybe 3-iron, 5-wood coming up in second shot. So I'm just trying to hit driver. It's just going like 50 yards left, but I still make the par, so I'm lucky. Lucky with that.

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