AT&T Byron Nelson

Thursday, May 11, 2023

McKinney, Texas, USA

TPC Craig Ranch

Jason Day

Quick Quotes

Q. Just a solid start to your week. What was working well for you?

JASON DAY: A lot of patience in the first seven holes. It's kind of hard to be patient sometimes when you're watching your playing partner shoot 6-under through 6, playing some pretty top-notch golf. It was interesting and sometimes you've just got to admire it. He's been an impressive player since he's got on TOUR, so it's nice to be able to watch that.

But it was good to get kind of a 4-under run in the middle part of my round. I think maybe 20-under or so will win this, so you're thinking at least five a day would be good, and it was nice to get a couple more than that.

Q. You've been close a couple times this year, kind of knocking on the door of the win. When you start out like this, are you hoping for four more days exactly like this as you continue --

JASON DAY: Yeah, I feel like I've just kind of learnt to just take it day by day, but obviously it would be great to have four more days like this. I know that I'm heading into a major next week, and it would be nice to carry some good momentum into the PGA, especially coming off a missed cut at Charlotte.

I hit a couple speed bumps middle part of this year just with some health issues, but I feel like I'm getting on top of it now, which is great. Looking forward to tomorrow's round.

Q. Just with how low people can go out here, obviously we saw that with the 11-under, does that change your approach, how you do stuff?

JASON DAY: I mean, you do have to be aggressive, but you've got to be careful because there was a good 20 wind out there today, and if you're trying to push too hard, the way the Bermuda sits and if you're in the rough and at all short-siding yourself, you can play your way out of it. You've still got to be patient, but I know that in the past this has yielded pretty low numbers here, so you kind of have to understand that and then just take it day by day.

Q. Do you feel that every hole here is a birdie opportunity, or were there some holes that played tougher than some of the other ones?

JASON DAY: I'm trying to think. Depends on the wind, but yeah, actually you can probably birdie all the holes. You've got to be driving it well here. With the softer conditions, we definitely -- it definitely widens the fairways. They're already kind of wide anyway, so it widens the fairways, and then with the softer greens, it's just kind of like -- everyone is kind of flagging it. That's probably understandable obviously through the scores that you're seeing.

If it does get a little bit firmer and the weather can kind of hold off, the scores won't be as low in my opinion. But I feel like you can't really keep this style of green firm just because it's going to -- if you keep it firm or get it firm, it's going to die. You've got to be cautious of that, as well.

Q. You've been close to winning, like you mentioned. Has it been one part of the game that you feel like really needs to iron out or has it been kind of whack-a-mole in a given week?

JASON DAY: I would say the latter part of your question for sure. Just sometimes it feels like the swing is working great and the putting isn't great or the short game is off. Yeah, I'm still moving -- kind of moving my target towards the goal where I want to take my swing. Hopefully I find more consistency and confidence with that.

Then on top of it, I feel like I've always putted pretty well, and I'm starting to find the roll again, which is nice. Fingers crossed everything can kind of align this week, or next week would be great.

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