AT&T Byron Nelson

Saturday, May 13, 2023

McKinney, Texas, USA

TPC Craig Ranch

Zecheng Dou

Quick Quotes

Q. Marty, four birdies in the last six holes. Excellent playing. Just get some comments.

ZECHENG DOU: Played really solid today. Hit really good drives. Left myself more opportunities than yesterday and rolled a couple, and once in a while you make one. That's how confidence is gained.

I kept that going into the back nine and played really well.

Q. Paying attention much to where you were on the leaderboard throughout the day?

ZECHENG DOU: I was. I try not to because I don't want to think about the score too much. I know I'm playing pretty good. I don't want to like have to know who's in the lead, how much back I am to get in my head, and mess up shots.

But I do think about it. It just couldn't go away because you're not -- I'm not in this position that often, so hopefully it happens more through the future.

But definitely did today.

Q. Yeah, haven't been in this spot after 54 holes, on the PGA TOUR. Expecting nerves tomorrow? What's the mental thoughts?

ZECHENG DOU: I think nerves is the same thing as me playing on the Korn Ferry. Everybody gets in the lead not that even, and you get into it and you're going to be nervous no matter what.

Like I won't be more nervous just because this is PGA TOUR and back then it was a Korn Ferry. I think it's just the same thing. Trying to get adjusted the same way I did on the Korn Ferry, and hopefully I can do good out of that.

Q. Not much kind of leading up to this to expect you were going to be here. Some missed cuts coming into this. What has specifically clicked this week?

ZECHENG DOU: Mostly just swing because putting has been better throughout the season.

Swing has been on and off this year, and this week just kind of everything went really good. I think that could be something, because this is my home course and knowing the fairways and knowing the mistakes that left and right is and off the tee, like I had more confidence hitting that shot. Actually helps my swing to perform, yeah.

Q. How long have you lived in the area?

ZECHENG DOU: About five, six years now.

Q. Why did you chose -- Frisco, McKinney?

ZECHENG DOU: Allen. About a eight, seven minute drive.

Q. Why Allen?

ZECHENG DOU: Starting off, knowing Cameron, my coach, he is in Dallas. Then the city is major because playing on the Korn Ferry back then it was easy travel everywhere and it has direct flights to China, which I often go back. There is great Chinese food, so everything kind of fits me here. It's a great city, too. Yeah.

Q. How long has this been your home course?

ZECHENG DOU: I kind of started off playing here when I moved to Dallas and they've been great, TOUR players, letting us come out. They got great facilities here, too. We all like it here.

Q. What would it mean in your home country for you to win this?

ZECHENG DOU: I don't want think about it, but it's going to be big for sure. There is a whole lot more golf to play, so I'm in good in the position like this, creating more chances, and that's all I'm thinking.

Q. How did you get the name Marty?

ZECHENG DOU: Kindergarten teacher.

Q. How does she chose that?

ZECHENG DOU: I don't know. Like she was like, do you want the name Marty? Like Chinese name was too hard, yeah.

Q. Was that in China?

ZECHENG DOU: That was in Canada. I went to kindergarten in Vancouver.

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