AT&T Byron Nelson

Sunday, May 14, 2023

McKinney, Texas, USA

TPC Craig Ranch

Jason Day

TV Quick Quotes

Q. 13 years ago you won for the first very time on the PGA TOUR at this tournament, and now you get 13 -- 13 years later. A lot of 13s happening. What's your perspective with your whole family here to support you?

JASON DAY: Yeah, we've got four and one more on the way. It's been a struggling few years, and to be able to go -- five years, actually, since my last win, so to be able to get the win the way I played today was really special. I'm very pleased and happy with how things have progressed over the last couple years for me.

Q. 1,835 days to be exact, and I know what a hard worker you are, what a committed family man you are. Can you let us behind the scenes on the type of work it takes emotionally, physically to push through what you've had to push through to get back here today?

JASON DAY: Just nonstop grinding and nonstop wanting to improve and try and get better. I've had a lot of injuries with my back, and for a moment there I thought I wasn't going to play again, and just trying to get through those two years of just trying to get through a tournament was difficult.

To be on the other side of it, be healthy, feeling good about my game, finally winning again, yeah, no better feeling, really.

Q. Can you also put in perspective what it means to win on Mother's Day? You have your four beautiful children here, Ellie pregnant with your fifth. Mother's Day is special.

JASON DAY: Yeah, it's even more so I lost my mom last year, and this was kind of the first one without her. To have her on my caddie bib, her name on my caddie bib was special, and then obviously Ellie, the amount of sacrifice she does for me and my career, I can't thank her enough. I didn't get her anything yet, so I've got to make sure I get her something.

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