Invited Celebrity Classic

Friday, April 21, 2023

Irving, Texas, USA

Las Colinas Country Club

Emmitt Smith

Quick Quotes

EMMITT SMITH: It was tough. The greens are real tough, and the wind doesn't make it easier. But I had a good time today. Had a nice little walk. Great group to play with, DeMarcus Ware and Colin Montgomerie along with Vijay Singh, so we had a good time.

Q. What's it like playing with a couple of former World No. 1 players out there?

EMMITT SMITH: It was awesome. Anytime you play with a professional golfer, period, it's a great time. I've always had a great time because they are such such consummate professionals, and the way that they go about their game and the game that they actually have, watching and learning and seeing them hit great shots, seeing them recover, it's just a true testament to their skill set.

I appreciate their skill set because I know how hard this game really is, and they just make it look so easy.

Q. How did you enjoy the walk with a fellow Hall of Famer now?

EMMITT SMITH: It was a Hall-of-Fame walk. It was a great walk, especially hanging with my man D-Ware. Such a good dude, and his golf game has improved tremendously. He hit a lot of great shots today.

Q. Being able to now be in that fraternity with DeMarcus, did you ever think there was going to be a question there?

EMMITT SMITH: No. I mean, once his name was mentioned, I just felt like he was going to go in. Unfortunately for us, as players and Hall-of-Famers, we don't get a chance to make a vote on those things. So most of this stuff is in the hands of media folks, so people that never played the game. All they do is sit back and watch and analyze the game.

If you're one of those players that's been on the wrong side of one of these guys, it becomes very subjective. But I'm glad to see that we do have a Cowboy in there, and hoping that Darren Woodsson will get a chance to come on in, as well, and there's many others.

It's amazing to me that the Dallas Cowboys produced the all-time leading rushing in the National Football League and only had one offensive lineman in the Hall of Fame. That's a shame. That's a shame.

Q. Doesn't make sense.

EMMITT SMITH: It doesn't make sense.

Q. Did you ever offer up any advice to DeMarcus for his speech?

EMMITT SMITH: You know, he mentioned something about his speech, and I think we're going to talk a little bit about it later, so I want to understand what he's going through, but I did give him a little bit of advice, but I'm not going to tell you. That's why it's his speech, not my speech.

Q. How is your golf game?

EMMITT SMITH: It sucks. It's not that bad, but I hit some really bad shots today that cost me a lot of points. The greens here are so tough to read. I'm curious, so tough to read. If you don't play this golf course enough, you definitely are going to be off line in terms of what you're reading. I definitely need help on the greens with the speed, as well, because sometimes you're seeing downhill and they're slow, and it's uphill and it's extremely slow. But the golf course is playing fair, though. The wind makes it very challenging and tough, but great day. Great day, all in all.

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