Invited Celebrity Classic

Friday, April 21, 2023

Irving, Texas, USA

Las Colinas Country Club

Mark Mulder

Quick Quotes

Q. Thanks for joining us at the Invited Celebrity Classic. How are you feeling after that pickleball match yesterday?

MARK MULDER: I actually woke up this morning, and my back kind of hurt. I'm not going to lie. I was a little sore, and then I started stretching and started realizing that Jack Sock and Mardy are probably quite a bit sorer than me. We only won maybe three points, so I wasn't even out there that long. I shouldn't be that sore, but the problem is I was, and I started stretching, and I was good. When I got on the range, it kind of hurt a little bit, but I'm 45, so it's starting -- things are starting to hurt, let's say.

Q. Obviously it didn't seem to affect your game, currently leading in the celebrity division. What was working out there for you today?

MARK MULDER: I hit a lot of good tee balls. I putted good. I made a lot of the par putts that I needed to make. I also made a few bogey putts to avoid double bogey. It was like Dicky and Chris both said to me, just keep getting points, keep getting points, and they were kind of encouraging Albert and I.

I putted good, so that was a big part of it. But just kind of hit a couple loose shots down the end, otherwise it would have been a little better.

Q. Being on TOUR and everything, obviously you've had a professional career, but just getting to come out and play with these pros, what is this experience like for you?

MARK MULDER: I love it. I love playing with the Champions Tour guys because I feel like a lot of them, they are so great on the course. They've had their careers, let's say, so this is -- I can't say it's extra because it's not, but they're so relaxed and they're so much fun. I have over the years gotten to know a lot of them, Billy being one of them.

Being friends with a lot of these guys definitely helps. Kirk Triplett works out at the gym I work out at. It definitely helps being a little bit more comfortable with a lot of them.

But they're the best. They're so relaxed, and it makes for a lot of fun, and more than anything, they're more encouraging for us and trying to help us as opposed to us -- lots of times, I'm like, I want to stay out of their way because this is the real deal for them, this is their season. This is just a one-time deal for us. More times than not I'm trying to stay out of their way, not get in their line, just not be a distraction, I guess. I love it. I love playing with these guys.

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