Invited Celebrity Classic

Sunday, April 23, 2023

Irving, Texas, USA

Las Colinas Country Club

Mark Hensby

Quick Quotes

Q. It's been a tough journey for you to get here. You've been through a lot. Put in perspective a little bit for us if you would what this victory means to you.

MARK HENSBY: You know, obviously after last year I wasn't going to play anymore, and then coming out and having a good start this year, it's nice to obviously win on this Tour. I think when you win anywhere these days, it's an accomplishment. Yeah, I'm happy. I mean, I'm tired today but happy. I didn't have my best today, but overall it was exciting.

Q. You're like a cat with nine lives out there. It seemed like you kept playing yourself into it, then out of it. You look back up on 16 and you're tied for the lead with Alex Cejka, and here you are. What was the emotional roller coaster like?

MARK HENSBY: Yeah, I didn't look at the board until 16 and then I saw I was tired for the lead, and to be honest I didn't think I was anywhere near it. Then when I got on 18 and I probably hit the best shot of the day when I had to because I saw Charlie made birdie, it was an up-and-down day, and obviously six hours to play today, so it was pretty slow out there. But just tried to stay patient, and then once I knew I still had a chance, obviously the grind went back into place.

Q. On the playoff the 3-wood you hit ended up going backwards into the water. Tell us about that shot, how you hit it.

MARK HENSBY: Yeah, I hit that probably about as good as the first one, but it was a little bit cooler and a little bit more wind, but I still thought I could get it there. Out here, unless you win you've really got nothing. Obviously I wasn't going to lay up.

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