Invited Celebrity Classic

Friday, April 19, 2024

Irving, Texas, USA

Las Colinas Country Club

Olin Browne

Quick Quotes

Q. Olin, started the day off with a bogey but then you followed that up rather nicely. Just a few comments about today.

OLIN BROWNE: Putter was really good today. I three-putted the first hole, but it was more because I wasn't sure about the speed. This putting green up here has a lot of slope to it, and I think I just got caught up worrying about whether the greens on the course were going to do the same as the practice green.

After that, I made six birdies for the day and made some really nice putts on the back nine in particular.

Q. How have you been feeling coming into the week? Anything particularly you're feeling especially --

OLIN BROWNE: As you know, I haven't been out since Morocco, so I'm ready to go. Walking I haven't done a lot of, but that's okay.

Q. What's your tie to Folds of Honor?

OLIN BROWNE: You know, we play the Patriot there for the Folds of Honor day, and Lieutenant Colonel Dan Rooney is one of those kind of guys that's magnetic, and he brings people to his cause, and it certainly is a really great thing that he does for people who are the best that we've got. It's my own little way of supporting what those guys do.

Q. Format of the event, do you like the celebrity element? We've had some players that are like, this is great because they take all the attention. How is that working out for you?

OLIN BROWNE: Well, I don't have to worry about attention so it doesn't faze me much one way or the other. But yeah, I really enjoy it. Played with Wells and Kevin today. We had a great time. Heath Slocum is a good man, too, so we had a good foursome, and it was an enjoyable day.

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