Invited Celebrity Classic

Friday, April 19, 2024

Irving, Texas, USA

Las Colinas Country Club

Tony Romo

Quick Quotes

Q. What went well today?

TONY ROMO: I hit the ball pretty good. My speed on the greens kind of hurt me a little bit. I three-putted way too many times. It was really the speed of the first putt. Just gave myself -- it's probably the fastest greens -- the course is in great condition, and we just don't play on greens like this consistently at this time of the year right now around here. I feel like it took a little while for me to get the pace down.

But I hit a lot of greens. I'm hitting the ball well. I think it's going to be a good weekend.

Q. You're comfortable, confident, but there's a lot of guys who can play, as you know. Why are you confident?

TONY ROMO: Well, I just know how I'm striking the ball, and I've been hitting it well coming in, and I did that again today. There's always a shot or two you want back. But the pins were in some spots, when I hit the ones close, it was still a foot of break from 12 feet. That's a little different. If you putt well -- if I putt well this weekend, I'm going to score.

Q. Four points behind Mardy Fish. Is that like being down three points at the half of a football game?

TONY ROMO: I mean, Mardy is a great player. He's always going to be in the mix. Like I say, every year, it's Mardy, Annika, you've got the same usual suspects coming down.

But I think it's one of those where I feel more confident just with the ball-striking right now. I'm going to have a lot of chances, and I just need to play the golf course more.

Q. Talk about conditions tomorrow; is that going to help you versus the field?

TONY ROMO: I think anytime the conditions get tough, I feel confident that that could be a positive. Last year I was down, I don't know, six, seven points, I think, going into the final round. It's just minimizing the mistakes, which really today was just the pace of the greens. I've got to put some work in on just getting the pace down because if you just lag it up there and two-putt, I'm at 37 or so.

It'll be a challenge because Mardy is a great player. There's a bunch of good players now. I think there's more depth than there's ever been. But he's always in the mix, and it'll be fun trying to chase him down again.

Q. How do you see the cowboys' outlook for next year?

TONY ROMO: I haven't studied what they've done in the off-season, but I think they've had such a good run. Like everyone knows, it's always about -- everyone wants to judge it on the playoff games. That's the most important games you play in. But they've put themselves in position to just have that next guy or that next coach or a player that just makes that player -- these little subtle things that make the difference. I know the Joneses. They're working hard. Mike McCarthy, the same way, and I think they're going to have a great season next year.

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