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Wednesday October 25, 2017

Terance Mann

Braian Angola

Florida State Seminoles

Q. What are the expectations for 2017-18?
TERANCE MANN: Just to get back to the tournament. You know, that's basically one of our main goals, top goals, top of the list, get back to the tournament.

Q. When you think about leadership, how do you define leader ship as a basketball player, especially now that you are hitting that upperclassman status?
TERANCE MANN: You know, we're just making sure that everybody is on the same page. Basically as a leader you've got to make sure from the freshmen down to even the seniors everybody is on the same page on and off the court.

Q. You say that your dream job is going to be a historian. What is it about Florida State basketball that you like in terms of history, and how do you hope to write history this year?
TERANCE MANN: You know, I just like the tradition. Back when Bobby Sura was there and Charlie Ward and stuff, that stuff was cool to me. I just like history from when I was younger, you know, growing up, elementary school, my favorite subject was always history.

Q. Tell me a little bit about Braian Angola.
TERANCE MANN: Braian is an interesting dude. He can score the ball at all levels. He's my roommate, so we get along very well. We go way back.

Q. Coach Hamilton obviously a fiery competitor on the floor. We see that on game day. What type of practice coach is he?
TERANCE MANN: Coach is a laid-back coach. He likes to chill, watch everything that's going on. He lets you play during practice. You know, he'll only say something or get a little rowdy when you turn the ball over.

Q. Your jersey number is jersey No. 14; any particular reason why you picked that number?
TERANCE MANN: I picked that number because my mom wore it in college. She played at Georgetown. She wore 14, so that's always kind of been a family number.

Q. Your numbers last year were really solid; is there something that you have tried to improve on during the off-season and somebody in November that you'll really put a focus on before December and January?
TERANCE MANN: I've been working on my jump shot a lot. I didn't take too many threes this year, and I've got to step up, take more shots from the outside to get us going.

Q. The schedule lays out fairly well for you and I know it's going to be a one game at a time answer, but do you look down the road at the schedule just to get an idea of what type of competition you're going to be facing during the course of the year?
TERANCE MANN: Yeah, I mean, you definitely look down the schedule, see what you've got going on. But once we hit ACC we know what's going to happen. Every team night in, night out is bringing their all. You never know what's going to happen, you never know if you're going to win or lose in this league, so we're used to it.

Q. When we look back at 2017-18, who are the names you think we're going to be talking about come post-season?
TERANCE MANN: You know, other than myself and Braian on the team we've got Phil Cofer I think is going to be a step up this year and be a great addition, Mfiondu, Kevin Gelly. He's kind of one of our backup centers he's real good, and Christ Koumadje is a big-time shot blocker, he's 7'4", so he doesn't tolerate anything in the paint.

Q. Koumadje, does he challenge you when you get to game day?
TERANCE MANN: Oh, definitely. You drive in there in practice, lay-ups are real tough. It's hard to finish in there, and then you get in the game, and no one is his size, so you drive in there and it's way easier.

Q. Tell me about Terance, your teammate.
BRAIAN ANGOLA: Terance is my roommate, so I will be always with him. He's a great person, great man to be around. He's like in the basketball court always talking to me, talking to the freshmen or the incoming class. He's always engaged in basketball, and at home he always tries to keep everything clean, tries to keep everything the same pace. He's a great person.

Q. You were trying to feel your way through the system last year, averaging five points per ballgame. What is it about your game you hope to improve on?
BRAIAN ANGOLA: Last year I felt like my game was focused on playing defense because we had great scorers last year, so I was just trying to feel my way into the team and the way to play defense, something that I'm really proud of. I like just playing defense and helping my team in any way that we can so we can win games.

Q. You had a bevy of different schools that you could have chosen. You chose Florida State; how come?
BRAIAN ANGOLA: Florida State, why, because I feel like Florida State is not on the top of the league, on the bottom, it was always in the middle, and Coach Hamilton, the way he coaches, the way he runs his team, the pace that we play, when I came on my visit, it was really fun, and I wanted the experience of being in the best league in the nation, the ACC, and coach Hamilton was an easy decision for me.

Q. You said that the one superpower you wish you had was teleportation. Why would you want to teleport?
BRAIAN ANGOLA: So I'm from Colombia, South America, and all my family is there, my friends, everybody is there. Sometimes I would like to go back home and visit with my sisters and my mom. That's why.

Q. When you think about the 17-18 season, sitting in March, obviously you're hoping to be in the tournament, but beyond the tournament, how do you judge whether or not you're successful this year?
BRAIAN ANGOLA: I feel like it's going to be the same as last year, the quality of our depth is going to help a lot. We've got five incoming freshmen, and they're working really hard to adjust to the system, and I feel like they're going to help a lot. We hope like with the experience that we have as the upperclassmen, we can help them get through the season and get back to the tournament.

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