Travelers Championship 2015

Thursday, June 25

Quick Quotes

Andres Romero

Q. Can you describe your shot?
ANDRES ROMERO: So I was one of the first ones to get to the tee box out of the group, and I was waiting and noticed a sign over on the left-hand side of the tee box. I was looking at it and noticed that it had a Travelers logo on it and said something about a hole in one. So when my caddie got up to the box, I asked him to translate it for me. He said it's a hole in one Rolex deal. He said, oh, that's interesting. Let's see what happens. So got the shot off and when it headed towards the hole and disappeared, I couldn't believe it.

Q. What club?

Q. Yardage?

Q. Third hole in one on TOUR. Does this one stand out among them?
ANDRES ROMERO: In 2010 in the playoffs I holed one out in Boston, and that was one of the big reasons why I got to play the next round of the playoffs, so that one was certainly special and a big deal. Last year I had a hole in one at Las Vegas, but this year is definitely going to be special because I'm always going to have a memory of it on my wrist.

Q. You also won through Quicken Loans a years worth of free mortgage payments for a lucky fan that will be drawn from an online raffle. Just talk about that and how not only were you able to win something but you won something for a fan out there.
ANDRES ROMERO: It's great to do something great, but it always feels a little bit better knowing that you're going to get to help somebody else out as well. So this is kind of a double benefit. I obviously get to win something here, but it makes you feel even better when you get to win something for somebody else and know that you're helping somebody out with a year's worth of mortgage payments. It gives somebody else the benefit as well.

Q. Where's the location of that bunker?
ANDRES ROMERO: The bunker's definitely in play. You've got to carry it. After I hit it, I hit it so solidly and so straight. I knew I'd really put a good hit on it. Honestly, as I was approaching the tee and visualizing the shot, I think that's where I hit it in. I visualized the shot and knew it was going to come off great. So that was a big step in hitting the ball well. After I hit it and knew I had pured it and watched it get to the green, it went in.
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