Travelers Championship 2015

Friday, June 26

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Brian Harman

Q. Brian, great round today, 65 after a great round yesterday. How were things going out there?
BRIAN HARMAN: Yeah, everything was clicking pretty good. Missed a couple ones coming down, but was really happy with the way I finished.

Q. As you head into the weekend, 15, 16, 17 really play a big role at this tournament. You got through that stretch at 2-under today. Will that be something you think about over the weekend?
BRIAN HARMAN: Yeah, anytime you see the ball go where you want it to go, it builds confidence. That's what I'm trying to do out there, keep it rolling and get little chunks of confidence each time.

Q. You've played this event four times in the past coming into this year, made the cut every year. No top 25s. Are you feeling confident that's going to change this week?
BRIAN HARMAN: Well, we'll see how the weekend goes. I'm pleased with the way I'm hitting it. Pleased with the way my short game is playing, so looking forward to the opportunity this weekend.

Q. You got it going on there over the last few holes?
BRIAN HARMAN: Yeah, I started out yesterday over par too. I don't know if that helped settle me down or what. But I played a really nice back nine. Knew I was hitting it well, so it was just a matter of being patient.

Q. You talk about hitting well, FedEx you didn't have your best stuff and it was a tough U.S. Open. Coming in here, what's flipped the switch for you?
BRIAN HARMAN: It's been that kind of year. I had a really good chance at PLAYERS and then I missed the cut at Charlotte. I had a really good chance at Colonial, and then just kind of sputtered around for a couple weeks. So it's in there. It's just a matter of getting in the right frame of mind and being comfortable. When I'm playing well, I get in contention pretty regularly. So obviously I'd rather shore up those loose weeks a little bit. I'm pleased with this week, and I'm excited about the opportunity.

Q. A boy from the southeast you're used to Bermuda, and you go on the bent greens from the northeast. What's it about the course that fits your eye?
BRIAN HARMAN: I played this tournament as an amateur when I was 16, and I liked it then. So it's just always suited my eye. I really like the way the tee shots are framed. It's an extremely fair course. It's a good short hole, a good long hole. Just a great golf course.

Q. 5-under on the day, 9-under overall. One of the lowest rounds of the day. We didn't see a ton of them out there. What was working so well for you?
BRIAN HARMAN: Hit it really well today. Got it in there close a bunch. Hit a par-5 in two and then made a really good up and down on the other par-5. Just took care of the par-5s and made a few other birdies.

Q. Hitting fairways here is important. We hear a lot about how many birdie opportunities there are once you reach the greens. But I'd imagine hitting fairways is a very important thing for you once you start off?
BRIAN HARMAN: Well, the rough's up and the wind came up this afternoon, so I think that's why you saw the scores weren't quite as low as yesterday. You can't really attack these pins out of the rough, so it's important to hit the fairway direct.

Q. All of a sudden you find yourself just a couple shots off the lead heading into the weekend coming off two missed cuts. I don't know how much we can really count last week from the U.S. Open, but did you find something this week?
BRIAN HARMAN: It's been pretty close. I didn't play well in Memphis, but I had a really good first round at the Open, and I was really excited, and then I kind of stubbed my toe on the second day. Still not quite sure what quite happened. I got to go home a couple days and spent some time with, Jack Lumpkin, my instructor, and we had a couple of really good sessions. I've been feeling great over the last month and a half. Haven't quite had the results I want, so I'm excited for the opportunity this weekend.

Q. For you, what will be the key with 36 holes to go?
BRIAN HARMAN: Keep doing what I'm doing. I think I'm playing well enough to contend. Just get a few more putts to drop and it will be good.

Q. In your mind, what went well today?
BRIAN HARMAN: I struck the ball extremely well. Hit a bunch of fairways and had a lot of chances, missed a couple short ones, but I'm excited for the weekend.

Q. How about finishing, another nice finish for you and just kind of rounding it out down the stretch?
BRIAN HARMAN: Yeah, I played well coming in. I played well all day, just didn't make as many putts on the front nine. Got it in close a couple times on the back nine and made a few putts.

Q. In the morning they were saying there was a big difference on the wind on the front nine and the back nine, and they had to hang on and wait for the back nine to get the birdie chances. Was it the same way in the afternoon?
BRIAN HARMAN: The front nine's not that far away from the back nine. The wind was pretty similar, I thought.

Q. Tomorrow, you'll be playing with another lefty if you play with Bubba.
BRIAN HARMAN: I played well with Bubba. Last time I played with him was last year in LA. He ended up winning the tournament. I had a good chance. I like playing with Bubba. He's very interesting to watch, and he's obviously a great player and pretty easy to feed off of.
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