Travelers Championship 2015

Saturday, June 27

Press Conference

Brian Harman

DOUG MILNE: We'd like to welcome Brian Harman. We'd like to welcome our 54-hole leader at 14-under here at the Travelers Championship. Back-to-back 65s this past couple of days puts you in great position. You're one for one so far with a 54-hole lead, so not sure if that is playing out in your mind. But congratulations on where you are now and just with that, some comments?

BRIAN HARMAN: Yeah, really excited about the way I'm playing. It's been kind of an up and down year. Been in contention a couple times over the last month-and-a-half. Had a really good players and really good Colonial. Mixed in a couple of odd weeks and was really excited for the Open last week and just didn't play well the second day. So it feels good to be back in contention. I'm just really excited for the opportunity tomorrow.

Q. How did you do with your nerves today? Especially after that shot on 17 where you're almost hitting the water and then you come back on 18. Just overall how did you deal with everything?
BRIAN HARMAN: Yeah, I had a good picture on 17. Just the wind kind of swirls right through there and kind of adjust the groove low, and got fortunate that it stayed up. But that's going to happen around here. There are some really tough iron shots into these greens. I just have to take away that I hit a really good drive on that hole.

Q. Playing with Bubba Watson, you're talking about playing with him yesterday. Do you get more motivated playing with someone who can make a lot of birdies? How was it out there today with him?
BRIAN HARMAN: Yeah, like I said yesterday, Bubba makes a lot of birdies. He's very exciting to play with. He's fun to play with. He plays fast, and he respects the game. We had a really good time today. We talked a lot. We've got something in common. We're both Georgia guys. I've played with him a handful of times and I've enjoyed it every time. So I enjoyed today and I'll be looking forward to tomorrow.

Q. You came up short on your approach on 17, so what was going through your head when you hit the one on 18, because that was right on.
BRIAN HARMAN: Yeah, the only thing going through my head was it was 150 yards. I was trying to hit about a 143-yard shot that was going to land just short of it. I hit a nice one. That's about all that was going through my head. I know you all really think that we are really calculating out there, but that was it. The simpler, the better.

Q. A few rain drops during your round and more is expected tonight and maybe even some tomorrow. How does that, if at all, change your approach to playing on the final day or how do you think it changes the round if it's wet out there tomorrow in general?
BRIAN HARMAN: Well, I've never played particularly well in the rain. But I try to look at today and we got a break. The weather was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. I tried to see today as an opportunity to change that tide a little bit because if it rains I think be anybody will tell you that the rain makes you feel a little uncomfortable, grips get a little wet, can't hit the ball as solid as you want to, and there is a little water on the ball and it makes everything a little more difficult. So today was great to battle through that. At the beginning of the day you're looking at the radar like, oh, here it comes. But I think we've got a pretty good break with the weather. I hope it's good tomorrow. These fans deserve good weather out here. Hopefully the more fans, the better.

Q. What do you do preparation-wise going into tomorrow? And did you do anything specific the last time you held the lead going into the final round?
BRIAN HARMAN: Tonight I'm going to probably go straight to Trumbull Kitchen. It's one of my favorite restaurants all year, downtown Hartford. I'll get a good night's sleep and go through my normal routine in the morning just like any other day just like if it was a Pro-Am or Tuesday or anything else. This is what I -- the work that I put in before this tournament is kind of showing itself. So for me it's a matter of getting comfortable and trying to play the best I can.

Q. You talked about playing with Bubba, but obviously you're both from Georgia, both left-handers. He shoots longer, but is he somebody you looked up to when you were at Georgia? Is there anything in his game that you modeled yourself after or is he totally different?
BRIAN HARMAN: Yeah, he's a lot taller than me too. So we'll point out another difference. Yeah, Bubba was not -- when I first got to school I don't believe he had quite made it to the TOUR yet. But once he got on the TOUR and started coming up, we were always pulling for him and checking out what he was doing. He was kind of like the middle of my college career that he really started taking off. What year did he win this tournament? 2010. So, yeah, that would have been the year after I got out of school. So he had just started kind of making a name for himself. So we were always pulling for him. He came back a handful of times. He's just, you know, he's getting really involved with the Georgia program, and he's a great guy. He was around a lot. He's a good buddy. I mean, I don't know what else to say about him.
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