Travelers Championship 2015

Sunday, June 28

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Brian Harman

BRIAN HARMAN: Didn't quite have my best stuff today. Never could quite get comfortable. Weather had me off a little bit, and this tournament's going to get a great champion. They played some great golf. Paul Casey up in front of us, and I watched Bubba all day, and he played great, especially that eagle on 13. So you've got to tip your cap. They just went out and played a little better golf. But this one will stick with me for a little while, I'm a little disappointed.

Q. I know you're disappointed, but you are going to the Open at St. Andrews as you earned one of those slots?
BRIAN HARMAN: Yeah, I'm excited about that. I've been thinking about that tournament for a long time and really trying to look at a way to get in there. This one burns a little bit, but that definitely helps the sting.

Q. How was today? How tough was it?
BRIAN HARMAN: Yeah, it was tough. Obviously, it's almost tougher because it's not like it's that cold or that rainy, but it's just been so nice all week, so it was definitely an adjustment for sure.

Q. All in all, you seemed to have a good week. How pleased are you with the way this week went?
BRIAN HARMAN: Yeah, I wish I could have played a little better today and given them a little bit more of a run. But you have to tip your caps to them. They played really good golf, and I just didn't have my best stuff. So congratulations to whoever ends up winning. This tournament's going to get a great champion.

Q. The positive thing is you're now in the Open and you'll be playing at St. Andrews. How excited are you about that?
BRIAN HARMAN: Yeah, the British Open is one of my favorite tournaments I've ever played in. I love that style of golf, and I'll be really excited to get over there.

Q. I know you're a little disappointed, but still, third place finish in this tournament.
BRIAN HARMAN: Yeah, it was a good week. Obviously, I've got my eye on the silver not the gold. I was trying to get that trophy. But this tournament's getting a great champion, and the people around here will be really proud.

Q. The front nine seemed to be tough. We were over at 7 for a little bit and nobody got a birdie. It seemed to be a struggle?
BRIAN HARMAN: Yeah, the weather and the course set-up today was extremely difficult. They had on the front end they had nine straight pins there on the back of the green, and when the course is playing a couple hundred yards longer than it normally would, it makes it very difficult.

Q. 9 really kind of put you in a big hole?
BRIAN HARMAN: I knew there wasn't a whole lot of sand in that bunker, but I was expecting something a little different. It just fooled me. Obviously, I wasn't aiming for that bunker. I was trying to push it up the fairway a little too far. You pay the price sometimes. Same thing on 15. I was trying to get that ball in there close. It trickles over the back, and make bogey and miss the playoff by 1. So that's golf. If I birdie 15, I don't know if I birdie 17 and 18. You just never know. I gave it my best shot.
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