Travelers Championship 2015

Friday, June 26

Press Conference

Carl Pettersson

DOUG MILNE: Carl Pettersson, thank you for joining us for a few minutes. Also 9-under heading into the weekend off to a great start. With that said, just a few comments about your play so far?

CARL PETTERSSON: Yeah, I played nice. Played really good yesterday and today started off good. In the middle of my round I was a little sloppy, but I made some nice saves and finished it off really well. The course played harder today I thought than yesterday. It's a great golf course. It's fun to play. Front nine is a little old school, and the back nine is kind of new school. You can definitely make some birdies, but it's tricky too.

Q. Was it the wind, pin positions, was it a combination of both?
CARL PETTERSSON: I think it was mainly the pin positions and the greens got firmer. But the pins were tucked harder today I thought than yesterday. The greens being a little firmer, they played, I think they played a little bit more difficult. I haven't really checked the scores, but I would imagine the scores are not quite as low today as they were yesterday.

Q. When you see Bubba is at 11-under, does that put pressure on you while you're out there?
CARL PETTERSSON: No. The first two days you're just trying to play. You don't really think, at least I don't, I don't look where I stand. I just keep on trucking along. That sort of thing with nine holes to go maybe on Sunday if you're up there you might check the leaderboards out. Other than that, you just kind of keep your head down and go.

Q. That doesn't change at all even with a guy with Bubba's talent and the two-time major champion? Even with his name at the top of the leaderboard?
CARL PETTERSSON: Obviously, he's a great player, but you've got to play your own game. You can't control what he's doing. You've just got to try to shoot as low as you can.

Q. It looks over the last few weeks here you didn't play the U.S. Open, but there's been some bubbling form. What's clicked it into gear here this week?
CARL PETTERSSON: Yeah, I'm finally making a few putts and scoring better. I've played pretty good the last month but I've gotten nothing out of it. This week I've made a few more putts, and there's not that much difference from 30th to Top 10. I feel like I've been playing pretty good, but it's nice to have some results this week so far.

Q. And this golf course looks like it's really changed conditions between the morning and the afternoon. Speak to what you saw out there?
CARL PETTERSSON: Yeah, yesterday morning was pretty good scoring. You could get it yesterday morning. Today the pins are tougher, and definitely the greens are firmer. It played difficult today. So I think the scoring showed that.
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