Travelers Championship 2015

Thursday, June 25

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Harris English

Thank you, Harris. Great round today. You started off a little slowly, but you got it going on the back nine. What clicked for you there when you birdied on 5 out of 6 holes?

HARRIS ENGLISH: Yeah, I made a good par save on No. 9. I told my caddie we need to put the pedal down on the back nine, and it kind of helped out. The wind laid down, and I felt like I could get aggressive and made some good putts.

Q. You played well here in the past. You had a top 10 finish here last year in 2014. What about this golf course fits your game so well?
HARRIS ENGLISH: Yeah, this is my fourth year here. I feel like it sets up well for me. Obviously, playing in the last round last year gave me some momentum and I feel like I know how to play this place. I take some momentum from today's round and go into tomorrow and see if I can stay aggressive.

Q. 6-under, you had the week off last week. Lot of guys coming in here beat up. I would imagine you feel you have a little bit of an advantage?
HARRIS ENGLISH: I don't know if it was a good thing that I wasn't playing last week, but I got a chance to hang out on the beach on St. Simons Island, and I feel like I'm rested up. I came in here with a lot of confidence and feel like my mind's clear, and focused really well.

Q. What jumps out on the page is just 22 putts on your round. You caught fire on the back nine. So talk us through it.
HARRIS ENGLISH: Yeah, I didn't really make any long putts. I think it was a lot of inside 10 feet which helps out and gives you confidence you can throw a wedge in there pretty close and make the putt. It kind of keeps the momentum going. So it was good. Shooting 30 on the back nine is always fun, and hopefully it keeps up tomorrow.

Q. Yeah, one of the lowest rounds in the afternoon. So I would imagine you feel like you have a bit of an advantage now heading into Friday?
HARRIS ENGLISH: Yeah, we'll see. This golf course has a lot of birdies, but it's a lot of fun to play. You have to put the ball on the fairway. I'm hitting the ball well right now, so we'll see if we can keep it going.

Q. Great round today. Why don't you just start by taking us through it, what was working and connecting today?
HARRIS ENGLISH: I got off to a little slow start. I went over through two holes, but made a really good putt on number 3 to kind of get it going out there. I mean, I know I saw some of the scores from this morning, that looked pretty low. So I knew a good round was out there. But I just stayed really in control of my game. I didn't get flustered. I focused really well on the back nine, and that's what you've got to do out there especially on a long afternoon. It's easy to get tired and lose your focus. But I really hung in there and made a lot of good putts. I mean, you can hit a lot of good wedge shots to 8, 10, 12 feet, and if you don't make them, it kind of hurts. It stops the momentum. But I feel like I made some of those and it kept going.

Q. Does it feel like if you have a good round in the afternoon that you're going to get right back out and play is it an advantage mentally maybe as well as easier to play early the next day?
HARRIS ENGLISH: Yeah, I definitely like coming off a good round in the afternoon and going straight into the morning. It gives you a lot of momentum. I don't have to sit and think about it and kind of stir around the hotel room and get up early and come out here and hopefully have a good back nine again.

Q. This is your fourth time playing here. How would you clarify today's first round compared to the others here?
HARRIS ENGLISH: Yeah, I mean, I feel like I'm knowing the golf course more and more. Even the practice rounds I don't have to sit out and really grind on the greens. I kind of know what's going on. Played good the first two rounds last year and finished top 10. I think I shot 66 the first round. So I've kind of been in this position before. I kind of know what it takes to keep it up out here and hopefully can keep up my ball striking and my putting.

Q. How easy was it to change your mindset from the grind of last week to being aggressive out here?
HARRIS ENGLISH: Well, I think the good thing was I didn't play last week, so I got to go back to St. Simons Island and lay on the beach and relax. I feel like some of these guys are coming in here pretty beat up from last week. The U.S. Open is always a grind. But I feel very refreshed and I think it showed today.
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