Travelers Championship 2015

Sunday, June 28

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Luke Donald

LUKE DONALD: Overall, you know, it was a good solid week. I played some good golf, really minimized mistakes this week, a lot of good positives coming from these last four days.

Q. How much goes into your trying to qualify for the Open?
LUKE DONALD: Obviously I thought about it the last couple holes. I knew I was in a good position. I was trying to make one more birdie, really, to be honest, get to 13. I thought that would definitely secure one of those top four spots, but it wasn't to be. We'll have to see if it's good enough. If not, I've always got the Scottish Open to try and qualify, as well.

Q. What were some of the adjustments you have to make on a day like this when everything is wet and slippery?
LUKE DONALD: Yeah, obviously the ball isn't traveling quite as far. You've got to readjust there. A couple times the ball was picking up mud, so you have to think about that coming into the greens. You know, it was just a little bit of a longer golf course. Fortunately this isn't a long golf course, so it was very manageable out there.

Q. We got to see the Claret Jug this week. When you look at it as a professional, what do you think?
LUKE DONALD: Well, it brings up a lot of great memories, watching it as a kid, and obviously some memories playing it as a professional. It's obviously probably the major I'd love to win the most, coming from the UK, and I'd dearly love to be back at St. Andrews. I was fortunate to be there in 2000 as an amateur and '05 and '10, so I'd love to not break that streak.

Q. You mentioned the Scottish Open. Are you playing anywhere else to try and qualify?
LUKE DONALD: No, I'll have a week off. I've played three weeks in a row including the U.S. Open sectional qualifying, so I'm due for a couple days off, then head over to the UK middle of next week and get ready for the Scottish.

Q. Is this a tournament you might put on your schedule going forward?
LUKE DONALD: I did like it. I think it's a good course for me. It sets up well. It's a course where it doesn't favor the bomber, which is becoming the norm out here. Any time that happens, it's going to be high up on my list. There's a good chance I'll be back.
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