Travelers Championship 2015

Thursday, June 25

Quick Quotes

Robert Garrigus

Q. Want to talk about your round today and getting a good start heading into the week?
ROBERT GARRIGUS: Yeah, it was a great round. Probably my best starting round of the year. I think I shot 66 in Mexico, but that seems like five years ago. I made a switch with the irons this week, put some new shafts in and some new heads, got them all matched up. I made some putts. I was rolling my putter great all day, started everything pretty much online with the exception of maybe one, which is nice. Shot 5-under and had 7 birdies and a couple bogeys. The bogeys were, one was a good bogey, the other one wasn't very good. But birdied the par-5s, drove it on the fairway. It's important out here to hit the fairway. The rough was pretty nasty, and you can get some jumpers out there. It was a great day. I had a lot of fun and trusted myself out there and looking forward to the next few days.

Q. Did it play pretty fair? It seems most of the golfers will say this course will reward you if you hit good shots. If you hit poor shots you'll be penalized. Is that how you see it, and is that how it played today?
ROBERT GARRIGUS: That's a very true assessment. If you hit it around the flag and you're in the fairway, it's going to stay around the flag. But if you don't hit it around the flag and you miss a few off to the side, you can get short-sided very quickly out here. So you have to kind of find your way around the golf course. You definitely have to make sure you miss it on the fat side of the green, because if you get short-sided out here, it's impossible. The rough is very thick and penal, so you've got to hit the fairway to hit the green.

Q. The wind is picking up just a bit. You like to see that now because maybe you guys this afternoon won't be able to score as well.
ROBERT GARRIGUS: Well, you know, that's how it always is usually. It doesn't really blow in the morning. You go shoot a low number, and it blows in the afternoon, then you get it the next day. I never wish ill on anybody, but it's usually how the conditions go. I'm sure we'll get some wind tomorrow. It will play a little tougher and it will be harder for us.

Q. Is there any one thing that's surprised you this year more than anything as far as results?
ROBERT GARRIGUS: Just the mental game. I've never been a negative player. I've never been negative about my game, but this year it's been terrible. So I talked with Bob Rotella a little bit. I've never spoken to a sports psychologist because I never thought I needed to, but it really helped me. He just told me I needed to not think about anything and just go out and react and react to target. Because I used to shoot traps and so did my father, as you well know. So it was kind of nice to hear that and get a different perspective on my golf game because I was kind of lost, and that happens. I just needed to talk to somebody about it, and I sure as heck figured it out today because I was hitting it perfect and making putts and not thinking about anything and just going. It was a lot of fun.
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