Travelers Championship 2015

Friday, June 26

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Scott Brown

Q. Scott, a lot of red on the card, but the always popular double bogey on the first hole. Talk us through the double bogey.
SCOTT BROWN: Yeah, I hit a good drive in the middle of the fairway, and kind of blocked an iron shot coming in there. Feet in the bunker, ball outside, way above my feet. I hit an okay shot. It trickled over to the green, and then made it up and down from there. So never a good way to start, but I knew I was playing good. I kind of felt like I was going to make some birdies today.

Q. You made a ton on the back. You lit it up and knocked it stiff at 14. Drove the drivable par-4 15th and narrowly missed eagle there. So what happened on the back?
SCOTT BROWN: Like I said, I'm hitting it good and I've been making some putts like I did yesterday and kind of continued the same thing. I just felt like I need to stay patient, and I felt like I was going to make some birdies. I was hitting it good enough, close enough, and lucky enough on the back. I had some really good shots coming in and was able to hole a few putts.

Q. You only missed four fairways through two rounds here. A lot of guys are talking about it's important to get the golf ball in play to attack. You're driving it great.
SCOTT BROWN: Yeah, I agree with that. The greens are starting to firm up a little bit. It's always tough to get close when you're in the rough. It's pretty penal. The rough is pretty high. Not like U.S. Open high, but it's enough where you have to kind of guess how it's going to come out. But it's always tough to get it close to these pins because so much undulation in the greens. So the fairways are really important.

Q. So you put yourself in position on the leaderboard for the week. What do you feel you have to do going into Saturday and Sunday to contend?
SCOTT BROWN: If conditions stay the same, I just feel like you've got to keep the pedal down. I think you've got to shoot a 10-under weekend for sure to be in contention.

Q. You certainly made things interesting.
SCOTT BROWN: Yeah, I got off to a good start. Doubled the first hole, and came back and made birdie. I kind of felt like I had a little momentum back and bogeyed 8 and 9. But I knew I was playing good, so I felt like I was going to make some birdies. The back nine always plays a little bit easier here anyway, so I knew there were going to be some opportunities out there. So I just kind of hung in there. When my caddie said let's go get them on the back nine, that's what we did.

Q. Yeah, you did to the tune of six straight birdies in a row starting at the 11th. Was there a mechanical change?
SCOTT BROWN: No, even when I made a double, I didn't make that bad of a golf swing. The bogey on 8 was a three-putt. Then I caught a jumper from the rough on 9 and went over the green and had a tough chip. So I didn't hit really any bad shots. Made a bogey. I just needed to get the ball on the fairway. I knew I was hitting my irons good enough to give myself an opportunity and that's what I did.

Q. 12 putts on your inward nine?
SCOTT BROWN: Yeah, I putted nicely yesterday too. I'm starting to see some putts roll in, some 20-footers which are kind of nice. Ones you don't expect to make all the time. I've made a few over the last few days, so hopefully I can keep that going.

Q. You obviously knew you had a run of a half dozen birdies in a row. Were you able to stay in the moment or did you start thinking about what you were doing?
SCOTT BROWN: To be honest, it never crossed my mind. I was just trying to make birdies. I kind of got myself in that position early where I needed to kind of put the pedal down and make something happen, and that's what I was trying to do.

Q. It took a 59-footer to stop your streak. Were you jumpy at all on the First Tee?
SCOTT BROWN: Not really. Hit a nice drive down the fairway, and then just an iron shot, just a bad swing. So, I was very calm today.

Q. You've been the Ironman out here, this is your 24th event. We'll see you on the tee late on Saturday afternoon.
SCOTT BROWN: Thank you.

Q. Interesting round today. You started off with a double bogey, but then on the back nine bounced back with six birdies in a row. How did you get it going out there?
SCOTT BROWN: I started off, obviously with a double. I knew I was playing well. Just kind of stayed patient. I've been hitting it good all week. I just got it going. Just hit some close shots and made a couple 20-footers, and lo and behold it was six birdies in a row.

Q. You just said it. You have been playing well lately. You've made nine out of your last ten cuts. At this event this is your third year you've played. Past two times you've missed the cut, but what have you figured out this year?
SCOTT BROWN: You know, it's weird. I've always liked this golf course, I've just never played that great. I've got positive vibes here, so I'm just kind of feeding off of that.

Q. What are you looking forward to Saturday? You've put yourself in a great position?
SCOTT BROWN: Yeah, that's what you're trying to do is put yourself in contention going into the weekend. So I'm looking forward to the opportunity.

Q. Anything in particular you'll be focusing on this weekend?
SCOTT BROWN: Just trying to keep the birdies. You know, I think the scores are going to continue to go low. Getting a little rain for Sunday, so I think the scores are going to keep going.

Q. Back nine, huh, you had it going.
SCOTT BROWN: Yeah, I had it going on the back. I had a double on the first hole, and I knew I was playing good. So just kind of stayed patient and hit some good shots coming in down the stretch there and made a couple 20-footers. Ended up being six birdies in a row.

Q. What was different? What happened on that back nine?
SCOTT BROWN: Nothing really. The back nine here is a little bit easier than the front. All the hard holes today are playing into the wind. So the front nine was playing tough, but the back nine is a little bit gettable with the par-5 playing down and then 15 is drivable. It's playing in. For me, it's great, because I'm in between a 3-wood and a driver there. So that was a driver. But it's just a little more opportunity on the back for some birdies.

Q. Can you talk about the first hole and what happened?
SCOTT BROWN: Hit a good drive down the middle, blocked an iron shot, and the ball above my feet, standing in a bunker, side hill and I kind of chipped it over the green to another downslope, short sided, and chipped that one up on the green for a putt for a double.

Q. Where's that leave you emotionally after one?
SCOTT BROWN: Obviously, that's not the way you like to start. It was nice to get a birdie on the next hole to get some momentum back. Then I bogeyed 8 and 9 and they were kind of easy up and down 9 and three-putt on 8. I knew I was playing good. I knew I was going to make some birdies on the back. I knew the back presented some opportunities, so I just tried to stay patient.

Q. Bubba's already at 11.
SCOTT BROWN: Yeah, there are a lot of good players up there. I think the scores are going to continuing to low. I think a 10-under weekend probably would be pretty good. 18 anywhere from 16 to 18, I think, it's probably going to take that to win the golf tournament.

Q. Chipped in on 12. Did that kind of get you dialed in because the next three holes I think you had five footers or even less?
SCOTT BROWN: Yeah, it was actually a putt on the fringe. It was just off the green. I actually made like probably a 25-footer on 11 that kind of got me back going again. Then, obviously from there making the next five in a row after that. So, yeah, I just gave myself a lot of opportunities. Just tried to give myself a lot of looks and holed a few putts to keep it going.
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