Travelers Championship 2015

Thursday, June 25

Quick Quotes

Scott Langley

Q. Scott, six birdies, one bogey, first round a 65. What are your thoughts on that?
SCOTT LANGLEY: It's a great round. I played really well. Gave myself a lot of opportunities to make birdie and wasn't too stressful. I made one bogey, and that was really the only time I felt like I was out of position or felt any stress. So those rounds are nice. Working hard on my game, and it's nice to see a good score go up on the board.

Q. You seem to be comfortable. 15 greens in regulation, you must be feeling it with the golf swing?
SCOTT LANGLEY: Yeah, it's felt really good for the last month-and-a-half, two months. My scoring has been pretty poor. I've been working really hard on my putting and my wedge play. Today those were pretty good, and that's the reason I scored a lot better. I gave myself a lot of looks, but I was finally able to convert some of those, so that was the difference.

Q. Speak to the conditions outside?
SCOTT LANGLEY: Yeah, it was great. It was nice to take advantage of really calm conditions this morning. Yeah, there wasn't a breath of wind outside. It was basically a perfect day to play golf. It got a little breezy with a few holes to go, and it makes you think just a little bit. But for the most part all around today we had no wind to deal with.

Q. And the course is soft and gettable?
SCOTT LANGLEY: Yeah, it's pretty soft, but the greens are getting a little more bouncy from Tuesday to Wednesday to Thursday now. They're firming up a little bit. So if they keep on this track, I think by Saturday and Sunday they'll be really nice. But you can still hit the ball close. A lot of wedges out here, so most of the time the firmness of the greens isn't going to stop you from getting those close. So it's pretty gettable.

Q. Scott, nice playing, 5-under 65 in round one here. Just a few comments on the round and we'll take a few questions.
SCOTT LANGLEY: It was a great round for me. I played pretty steady golf the whole day. I think I had one bogey. That was kind of the only time I felt any stress or felt like I was out of position. So it was a pretty solid round. Hit a bunch of greens and had a lot of opportunities to make birdie. I felt like it's the way I've been playing for a few months, and I was finally able to get some putts to go in and even chipped in on the second hole. I was able to score a lot better today than what I've been doing.

Q. Where have the struggles been for you?
SCOTT LANGLEY: Well, this year, mostly my putting and wedge play. So I've really tried to take a more positive approach with putting specifically. I told my caddie my only goal this week is to be the most positive guy on the field. My putting has been kind of frustrating lately to me. But today, I don't know if it's the chicken or the egg, what came first. But I had a lot better attitude and just came out today really looking forward to playing and made a bunch of putts and played well.

Q. When you chip in a shot like that, can you just talk about the confidence it gave you for the rest of the round? Did you feel like okay, this could be my day?
SCOTT LANGLEY: Yeah, it was a little bonus anytime you chip in. But if I was going to chip one in, this was going to be the one. It was pretty straightforward. I was like 12 feet away from the hole just off the green. So I really had my mind on making it, so it was really nice. I just made my first bogey of the day on the first hole, my 10th hole and No. 1 over here. So it's nice to bounce back from that and see the ball go in. From there I played really solid.

Q. Could you tell us your overall impression of the course?
SCOTT LANGLEY: It's in great shape. I really like this course. It's my third year here, and this is one I won't miss. I really like it. I think it suits my game. It's in really good shape. I know it's been tough to take care of golf courses up in this part of the country coming off kind of a tough winter, so I thought it was in great shape. The greens are pretty receptive, but you can tell if we don't get any rain in the next few days, it will be nice and firm by Saturday and Sunday, and that's right where you want it.

Q. What did you think of your round?
SCOTT LANGLEY: Yeah, it was a really solid round. Played quite well. Gave myself a lot of opportunities to make birdie, and I was able to convert my share. It was nice. I chipped in once and made some nice putts for birdie. Anytime you make six birdies in a round, you're scoring pretty well. So I felt really good about it, and hopefully just continue this good play in the next three days.
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