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Saturday, January 6, 2024

Kapalua, Maui, Hawaii, USA

Plantation Course at Kapalua

Ben An

Quick Quotes

Q. Thoughts about today?

BEN AN: It was a little tougher today, I think. Wind picked up a little bit more than the last two days, which made the shots into the green a little tougher. I had a hard time judging the speed on the greens a little bit, especially when it was a little gusty here and there. But other than that, 5-under is not a bad score out here.

Q. What's it like being in contention with the opportunity to get your first win tomorrow?

BEN AN: It's nice to start like this. Last year I started pretty good at the Sony Open. This year I'm starting pretty good so far through round three. Hopefully, I can get one more round out of me. Hopefully, the best of the week is left for me. It's got to be one step at a time. The course, you'll get plenty of chances out there. I don't know what the forecast is like tomorrow, but hopefully the wind blows up a little bit, so when you shoot a low score you get a chance to win tomorrow.

Q. Is there anything you did in the off-season that you feel like prepared you or for this or is especially Lee paying off this week?

BEN AN: I worked pretty hard off-season. Took care of my body. I practiced pretty -- I wouldn't, I didn't practice 10 hours a day or something, but I had a really good time with my family. I had some good practice, I had some good swing sessions, so off-season was great. That's what we look forward to the last few years I had like three and a half, four months off and that was amazing. I didn't really have to rush anything, just one day, if I don't feel like it, I just spend time with my family, go somewhere. Last month and a half it was pretty much a grind, like the year before. It's not like anything changed or anything, just hit a lot of balls, did a lot of short game, a lot of putting. Looks like it's paying off. It's nice.

Q. There was a moment that cameras captured I think it was off the turn or between holes, you picked up your son, gave your daughter a kiss, what's it like having your family here?

BEN AN: It's amazing. It's nice. They matter. Me and my coach always say golf means something, but it doesn't matter as much as them. To be able to see them on the golf course and off the course after the round and stuff, it's priceless. Being with the two kids is a lot harder to travel these days than one, but I'll try to bring him out as many as I can. Just to see him. I just want to see him, instead of getting a video call or anything, I would rather see him in person. It's exhausting, you can't deny that, but you get more out of them I think than they take more out of you, so I love having them here this week.

Q. After having some struggles a couple years ago, now that you're back and have a little bit more security, is there a different appreciation for being up here or how has maybe just your mindset to playing changed since you've been back up?

BEN AN: Yeah, definitely. It changes a little bit. When I turned pro and I started on the Challenge Tour, every single year I've been playing better every year, got a little better category. I went to European Tour and then I won Wentworth. Then I came over here, won a few events, got my card. So I never really had the downs of it. I mean, yeah, the start of the pro career wasn't fantastic, because I was playing the Challenge Tour, but every year was a little better, a little better. Same out here. I feel like I was playing a little better and all of a sudden I went, I tried to play a little bit better than previous years. Decided to go with a swing change and that was a good learning point, I guess. It happens to everybody, it just happened to me that bad year. Lost my card and, luckily, it wasn't the COVID year where the Korn Ferry Tour TOUR was like two years long, and not like last year, you know, the season was a year and a half, so, you know, I guess I lost it at a good time, it was only a regular season. I feel like I played some decent golf. That gave me extra motivation during the off-season two years ago, and I played some good golf two years ago, got my card back, and that gives me an appreciation of playing the PGA TOUR. That gives you an -- and obviously Korn Ferry Tour is great. This summer I can play -- that's a lot better than having no card. So I still like playing -- it wasn't too bad on the Korn Ferry Tour, I had somewhere to play. That's most important. When I got back here, whenever I have a moment out there and get a little disappointed, I just got to look back and say, Hey, this place is great. Just like out here, I look at the ocean, I mean, where else could I be, right? So, yeah, it was a good learning point.

Q. How do you keep conviction in yourself and your game when maybe the results don't match where you feel where your game's at?

BEN AN: That's the game of golf. We don't, like me and my coach always say, we worked hard, but it doesn't mean anything. It doesn't mean maybe you deserve it or anything, it just follows with it. So, just got to do what I need to do, what I need to control. Just got to be have gratitude, that's what we say, can't really show any emotions out there. It's golf, like I say, it doesn't matter (laughing). Family matters. So, yeah, so that's the mindset I've been having. This week helps because you got a lot of ocean view, so kind of relax he's you a little bit. It's been a good week, so far.

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