Miami Open presented by Itaú

Friday, March 31, 2023

Miami, Florida, USA

Jannik Sinner

Press Conference

J. SINNER/C. Alcaraz

6-7, 6-4, 6-2

THE MODERATOR: Jannik, well done. How do you rank this win among the best in your career?

JANNIK SINNER: Oh, for sure it's one of the best wins. Obviously it was a very tough match against him. I think we both played a very, very high-level match.

From my side, I think I changed a couple of things from Indian Wells to here, which I had to, and they went my way. So I'm happy about that.

Obviously Sunday is another match. Very, very different match. I never won against Daniil, so let's see how it goes.

THE MODERATOR: Questions in English.

Q. Jannik, as you were saying, that was an amazing match. There was some extraordinary tennis played with both of you. Are you able to enjoy playing a match like that when you're in the middle of the battle, or is it only afterwards that you can really appreciate the type of tennis that was played?

JANNIK SINNER: No, I think when both players play tennis like this, it's also very nice to play. You can feel it, no? Also with the crowd. I think that was a great energy with everything.

It's just nice to be part of these kind of matches, firstly, and secondly, you feel like that you have to change always something during the match. I think that was the case today.

Yeah, for sure you enjoy it, because it's better to have a match like this than only not so many exchanges and, you know, I think here you can see some good tennis.

Q. What were the couple of the things that you changed tonight from Indian Wells? What were a couple of the things?

JANNIK SINNER: Yeah, no, I don't say this (smiling). But as I said, we changed something. I think also he recognize it, and the next time he's gonna change also something, so I have to be prepared for this. But I'm not gonna say what exactly we changed (smiling).

Q. Another final here. You're going to play against Daniil. You said you have never beat him. What are the things that you would like to apply? Obviously all the knowledge you have gained? You played a final against him recently. Can you talk about obviously the match? What are the things you'd like to improve in order to get that win?

JANNIK SINNER: For sure, as I said before, is completely different than this match today. I never beat Daniil. We had already one final in Rotterdam. I was able to win one set there. We had a couple of matches or some more where we went third set. Also there I need to make some changes, trying to mix up the game a little bit also. Then we see.

But, you know, I feel ready to compete, happy to be in the final, and let's see how it goes.

Q. Back to the match today, can you put some words on the point, the second point at 4-2 in the third set which is amazing, unbelievable?

JANNIK SINNER: Yeah, it was a long point also. It was a physical point, for sure. It started a little bit with the dropshot, and then after I went cross I think. Then I went back with the forehand.

At some points I went backhand down the line and he was basically lie down, but he came up so fast. I wanted to go behind him, no, but he was there. And then after, I tried this shot, because firstly, I wanted to lob him but the ball was too low. So I went crosscourt, which was the right choice.

But still, it was a very physical point. I lost the game after that one. But yeah, as I say, you always need two players to make these kind of points.

Q. When you lost in Indian Wells, did that loss stay with you for a long time, or did you recover -- I'm talking about mentally -- did you recover fairly quickly and start thinking about this tournament and making changes, as you said, and thinking about the next time you played him? How did you process it?

JANNIK SINNER: No, we went -- so when we lost, the day after, we left to come here. I had one day off, and then I started to practice. From the first practice session, we tried to improve some things, to mix up the game a little bit better, to prepare for the next possible match against Carlos.

But also to use it against the other players. I think I started to do a little bit more against Grigor the second-round match. Then after against Andrey was also a good match. You know, I think the whole tournament I played till now it was something good for me, because I tried to put in some new things, and that's all about at the moment and happy about that, but obviously there are also from today's match what I can take and improve.

Q. You were talking the other day about how, when you play against Carlos, you sort of have to bring your best, and he helps push you to improve even more. I'm sure the same with Medvedev. How much do you enjoy those challenges and trying to test yourself and bring even more out of your game?

JANNIK SINNER: I enjoy them, because also now the final I will enjoy because I need to change something, no? I have to find a right way to win against Daniil. If it's not this time, hopefully there are many other times, no?

But I feel ready to compete. As I said, I think I have done also something new in this tournament which a couple of things are working very well.

And, yeah, the same with Carlos, no? Like today, you have to go for shots where usually you don't go for it. I think he has a little bit the same feeling, I guess.

With Daniil, though, it's completely different. He's a different player. The return position is far back. You know, it's different. But hopefully I can make obviously some good improvements also, and, you know, trying to be ready.

Q. He was struggling physically a little bit at the start of the third. He seemed to have cramps or he told us he had some kind of cramping, as well. First of all, did you have any kind of physical issues like that? Also, how did you cope with that in terms of not getting distracted by it?

JANNIK SINNER: Yeah, I had a little bit also. When I was break up in the second, I had also a little bit of cramps but not so much. I knew that I have to go on, waiting for the right moment.

On 4-3 when I was serving in the second set, I was in struggle, because he had a couple of breakpoints. If he breaks me there, it's tough to come back.

But that game gave me a lot of confidence, no? Then after I returned very well. In the third set I saw him struggling. I tried to push there, especially the first game, because I knew it's the last game that he was serving with the used ball, so it's a little bit easier to return and just trying to stay focused about myself, which I think I have done very well, especially in the third set.

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