Roland Garros

Friday, 25 September 2020

Paris, France

Daniil Medvedev

Press Conference

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Seems like a lot of the players are maybe a bit worried about the conditions, the way the balls are playing, it's cold. Do you yourself see it as an opportunity, if you can be mentally strong and adapt, that you can have a shot to have a good performance here in Paris?

DANIIL MEDVEDEV: Yeah, I don't see an opportunity everybody being not good and complaining. It's more about myself.

I think on clay -- if it would be on hard courts, I would say different on clay. Maybe it can help me that it's a bit colder, so the balls don't fly as much, don't go as spinny. So maybe I can play some flat tennis obviously in practices before the match. I think it can be an opportunity for me actually, an advantage.

Of course, tough to say before you play your first match.

Q. Have you experienced the fact that players are not allowed to leave their hotel room? Is it something you miss being in Paris, not being able to have some fresh air outside? Are you able to focus only on the tournament?

DANIIL MEDVEDEV: I'm completely able to focus only on the tournament. I think everybody is a bit kind of disappointed in a way that you cannot go out, especially Paris, such a beautiful city, even if the weather is not amazing right now. But these rules are made for our healthy. It's not just taken from the sky, they decide like this.

I think everybody is completely okay with this. We follow the rules, follow the guidelines. We just want to show some good tennis.

Q. You mentioned the ball. Rafa said that he doesn't like it. What has your sensation been with that ball?

DANIIL MEDVEDEV: I like the balls because, yeah, tennis is a funny and interesting sport. It's normal that when one player doesn't like something, second one maybe is going to like it.

I like it so far. As I say always, tough to say anything before you play your first match. That's where you really get the sensations. Or you lose and say, Okay, I didn't like it. Or you win and get into the tournament.

So far I like it. I think suits me not bad. Let's see how it goes.

Q. On clay court tennis in general, what do you feel you have to do to bring your best form on this surface? It's easier for you to do that on hard courts.

DANIIL MEDVEDEV: Yeah, many small details, I would say. Of course, it's easier for the guys who spin a lot, that's 100%. That's something I know how to do, that's something I tried on clay, but maybe I'm a little bit less effective than playing flat.

I was capable last year to show some really great results on clay. I think the first match I played in Hamburg was not that bad. Humbert really showed his best tennis. First match on clay with only like three, four days' preparation, it was logical with the level that he showed that I lost.

Hopefully I can continue to raise my level regarding this match, then I think I can show some good results.

Q. You did really well on the clay last year, then got to Roland Garros and weren't able to get your first win. You've played so much progress over the last couple years. What is some of the progress you've made as a clay court player? How exciting would it be to finally get that first win here?

DANIIL MEDVEDEV: Yeah, it would be definitely really excited to get my first win here. Well, it's something for sure I want to get. Will be super excited, super happy. Of course, I have to work really hard for it.

Talking about clay courts, I think I have improved in general as a player. Actually I liked clay courts when I was younger. I think right now I just feel like against many, many players, many good players, I lose my level on clay courts.

What I'm saying is that, again, many guys who have the natural spin, I have to change my game, adapt my game, which makes me more vulnerable, which is completely normal.

I think actually many, many matches we see, of course, except Rafa or Dominic maybe, are much more tense and tight than we can see on hard courts. A lot of 7-6, which actually you could have said may be the difference, because on clay there are a lot of breaks.

I think the matches are tied. I think the level gets closer on clay courts. It's something that is tougher. When you are not at your best, you can lose a lot of matches.

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