Roland Garros

Sunday, 27 September 2020

Paris, France

Andreas Seppi

Press Conference

S. KORDA/A. Seppi

2-6, 6-4, 3-6, 3-6

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Wanted to know just how you felt about that match. Curious how you felt about the match and also your opponent's game.

ANDREAS SEPPI: Yeah, I think the first hour the conditions were a disaster because it was still raining, it was windy and it was really cold. So I think it was not good to go on court to play the first hour at least. I think they should postpone the match at least for one hour.

And then, yeah, today it was very tough conditions. I was pretty cold and a lot of wind also at the beginning and the balls are already slow and heavy. So in these conditions even more, it doesn't suit my game for sure. So it was tough.

And, of course, I mean I think he has a good game. It looks like he plays very easy and, yeah, today he was the better player, so for sure he deserved to win.

Q. Have you ever played in conditions like those before?

ANDREAS SEPPI: Yeah, yeah, of course, I mean I've played in cold conditions and everything. But as I said, like, you know, you're here in a Grand Slam and everything, and trying to do your best. It was just, I think, messed up to go on court at 11 o'clock in these conditions now.

Q. And David Goffin just lost to Jannik Sinner, and he was saying that like the past few weeks have been really tough in terms of not knowing whether you're going to test positive and the different rule changes. Just wondering how this has been for you?

ANDREAS SEPPI: Yeah, of course, yeah, I mean everybody knows it's not normal conditions everywhere and it's of course also for us not easy. Every tournament you go you have to do the test and then wait one day in the room for the result. And as it happened the last day somebody is positive and then in the second test they are again all negative.

So it's every week a question mark if you can play or not play. But of course, I mean you want to play these kind of tournaments because they're big tournaments. So, yeah, we'll see the next week if, yeah, if I will play or if I will just skip the season and we'll see.

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