Roland Garros

Monday, 28 September 2020

Paris, France

Karen Khachanov

Press Conference

K. KHACHANOV/K. Majchrzak

7-6, 6-3, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Can you just explain what the conditions were like on court this evening and how you coped with them.

KAREN KHACHANOV: Yeah, conditions, there are no secrets. All the players I think feel the same.

You know, at this time of the year, it is fall coming in Paris. Last week actually was good weather, but this week it's like 14, 12, 14, 15 degrees, raining. The courts are super slow, heavy. The balls are big.

So you have to build a point much more. It's tough to go just for the winners. The bounce also, the spin doesn't get so much up.

Yeah, you need to adjust, and everybody in the same conditions. So I think some more rallies, it's more physical now, and even more than normal, I'm saying.

Yeah, you need to build up the point and it's going to be interesting, you know.

Q. You are in the same side of the draw than Novak Djokovic. Let's say there is a long road before getting to him in case you get there. But do you think these heavy conditions, these balls you have been talking about, the court, will not help Djokovic's game? In a way, someone thinks that maybe he's not anymore the real favorite because of that?

KAREN KHACHANOV: Yeah, I think with those conditions it's more kind of equalized, the chances for everybody. I think it kind of helps some players, you know, to step in more, you know, because they don't feel so much going outside the court with the spin. You know, the game is more kind of inside.

I still don't play like that on clay, but I think for a lot of players this kind of helps. For Novak, yeah, it's tough to say. I would like to see his first match tomorrow, but I think with heavy balls and heavy conditions, normally suits him better, let's say, than Rafa, you know.

But that's no secret about that, even in the previous years before, Roland Garros, you could have some days with rainy weather and those kind of days are much tougher for Rafa than for Novak, of course.

Q. And do they suit you? Because you are a powerful player, a player that usually likes to hit hard, more than others in a way.

KAREN KHACHANOV: It's tough to say, because, yeah, if I play maybe kind of different way and more patient, even with those conditions and not trying to -- of course if I have a chance, I will try to go for it. If not, you still need to wait, one more ball, one more ball is coming, and you have to be ready with that, first of all.

That's why if I'm ready with that, it suits me okay, as well. But of course when my shots, especially on clay having a spin and having a sunny day, maybe it suits even better, because like this I can playing, not kind of more aggressive but I can kick the guy outside much more than with heavy conditions.

But again, you need to adjust, and either way depends how I play. I think I can adjust and, yeah, play kind of both, in both conditions.

Q. Can I ask you, were you surprised that Sinner was able to beat so easily Goffin after he played against you at the US Open, up two sets to Love?

KAREN KHACHANOV: Honestly that he won, I'm not surprised because he's a good player and it's a tough first round, was tough first round for me in U.S. and I was expecting a more tough match with David, as well. Maybe with the score that it was kind of easier, yeah, it was not expected from my side.

I didn't watch the match because I was practicing in the same time, so I cannot comment on that.

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