Roland Garros

Tuesday, 29 September 2020

Paris, France

Laura Siegemund

Press Conference

L. SIEGEMUND/K. Mladenovic

7-5, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. I wanted to ask just about that point at 5-1 in the first where Kiki said there was a double bounce, questionable double bounce. What did you see on your side of the court on that point?

LAURA SIEGEMUND: Well, yeah, I have to be honest, I haven't seen the video yet. I mean, I was just running full speed. I think, yeah, that was when I was down 1-5? Yeah, I was running full speed, and it was a close one.

The umpire right away called it that it was my point, so I was, like, Okay, I'll take it, because it was a tough one in that moment how to decide. I didn't think much further about it.

It was lucky how it came back to my side, for sure. Unfortunate for her to touch the net.

Q. Kristina was saying if you had seen a double bounce she didn't expect you to say that you had and it was the umpire's responsibility. Do you think that as a player you should have to say that, or if even if you see it, it's still down to the umpire?

LAURA SIEGEMUND: I mean, it depends on the situation. If it's a close call and it's a set point against you, I think it's the umpire's responsibility.

If in that call, I'm coming running full speed, if in that call I say, Oh, it was a double bounce, and later I see on the video it was not, I would be angry at myself.

So I think in that situation, that was a close call. I mean, we're not talking about a mark that was called wrong and it's, like, obvious.

I think that's what the umpire is there for. She's sitting right there. I think she has better chances than me to see what has happened exactly.

Q. Just speaking about your form, down 1-5, set point, what adjustments did you make in order to come back? Did you notice anything change from her side as well that kind of helped you shift the chessboard your way, as it were?

LAURA SIEGEMUND: No, I mean, it's never over till it's over. She had a couple matches where she was leading far and gave it away.

So I just fought every point. I didn't play great in the beginning. I was setting up points well.

She was solid, and I was setting up points well but then missed a lot of easy balls. I knew I have to fix that. Without that, you know, it's not gonna work.

And I did. She started to miss a little bit more. That point that everyone is speaking about, it's definitely unfortunate for her but she had six other set points. I think there is a lot more room to close the set.

But if you want to jump on that one, you know, go ahead. I just changed definitely some things in my game. I was missing less. I was playing more, you know, the way I wanted to start out with right away. Started to be more and more happy with my performance. Yeah, that's what matters to me.

Q. Kristina said after the match that because of a decision like that she would like to see video replays like in football like they are. We're not talking about match point or a championship point, and as you said, lots of other opportunities to close the set out. Do you see this as a reason to call for video replay for something like this?

LAURA SIEGEMUND: Well, in general I wouldn't say video replays are a bad idea. I would agree that if the technical, if we have the technical devices and the technical opportunity to get a quick replay, I think that's a good thing for all sports.

Yeah, coming back to that, you know, that point, I mean, I can understand her frustration. I can maybe understand a little bit that she's getting at me, but I think she should get at the umpire. She had plenty of other opportunities. It was just the wrong call, and that happens in sport. It was a close one in that moment. I haven't seen the video yet.

But in general, yeah, I agree it's not a bad idea to have a video replay, and then it's clear. You have no excuses then anymore, it's more certain what happened.

Q. Just looking ahead, you play either Julia or Alison Riske in the second round. Can you talk about the challenges of playing each one of those players here in these conditions specifically at Roland Garros?

LAURA SIEGEMUND: Yeah, I hear that for the first time now. I wasn't looking further in the draw yet.

Yeah, they are both great players. I know them well. Haven't played either in a while. But it's tough conditions right now I think for everybody to play, considering the weather conditions and the cold and all that.

Yeah, I'm gonna watch the match. Neither of them will be an easy opponent, that's for sure.

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