Roland Garros

Sunday, 4 October 2020

Paris, France

Martina Trevisan

Press Conference

M. TREVISAN/K. Bertens

6-4, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Can you talk about just the match today, how you played and also what you think was the key in beating Bertens in straight sets.

MARTINA TREVISAN: Thank you first. First thank you.

I play very good today. I think also today the key of the match is to come on court and be aggressive on the court to do my play. But I think the important thing is always my mentality, because match after match I got more confidence and I felt more away in the court.

So when I enter on the court, I enter to win the match without fail.

Q. Can I ask you about your family and tennis, because your brother, he's been a professional player as well. Did your parents always play tennis? Did you start playing tennis when you were very young?

MARTINA TREVISAN: Yes. My mother is tennis teacher. My father is, it was always in the sport. It was football player. And of course my brother was a very, very, very, very good player (laughing). He was No. 1 junior. Then he stop, but he still is a good player.

So everybody, we are athletic family.

Q. You said your father was a footballer. Did he play at a high level?

MARTINA TREVISAN: Yeah, I think it's Serie B is the second category, yeah.

Q. For which teams?

MARTINA TREVISAN: I remember just one and it's called Sambenedettese.

Q. It's not about the question about today's match, but about the prize money. This tournament decide that this would be bigger prize money in like the qualifications and like a player who lost in first round in the singles. And of course now you could get this prize money compared to last year. But how do you think about this kind of gesture from French Open?

MARTINA TREVISAN: How did you say? Sorry?

Q. Oh, can you hear me?


Q. About the prize money.

MARTINA TREVISAN: Yes. I understand about the prize money.

Q. So this tournament decided to distribute bigger prize money in the qualifications and the player who lost in the first round like every round in the singles. So of course now you keep winning so you could get this prize money compared to last year in terms of this tournament. But do you think that French Open makes very good decision or how do you think about that kind of gesture from French Open?

MARTINA TREVISAN: I think it's a good thing that the French Open did this. So I'm really happy with my win. Today I didn't see how much was the prize money today but I think it's too much (laughing). But I'm really happy anyway, so it's good.

Q. You've talked at this French Open about your battle with anorexia. My cousin who I love dearly also had a long battle with anorexia and is now okay. The incredible things that you've done on court this week and these last two weeks, is there a message that you would like to share with other people who have been through this experience and fought back?

MARTINA TREVISAN: Yeah, I know that I have done a great job right now until today. The message is to focus on their dream and never give up on your life, on everything you want to do and you want to reach.

Q. Curious, were you able to see the match point, the lob you hit? Did you see it hit the ground?

MARTINA TREVISAN: So and so (laughing).

Q. A little bit?

MARTINA TREVISAN: I saw the face of Bertens that was a little bit sad, so I said, yeah, it is in (laughing). So in that moment I understood that I won the match. Because I didn't see exactly the mark where it hit but I saw the face of Bertens and I say, Okay, it was good, it's good.

Q. Was today's match, was that the best match you've played in the main draw do you think today?

MARTINA TREVISAN: Yeah, I think so, yeah, probably it was the one of the best. I think today the intensity of my play, it was really good. I was really aggressive.

So yeah, maybe it's the one of the best matches I played here in Paris.

Q. One more question about your family. You said your mother is a coach, you're from a very sporting family. Was there a reason why they called you Martina? Was it because of Navratilova? Hingis?

MARTINA TREVISAN: Maybe. I don't know actually why they called me Martina. But I like so much this name, so I can say thank you to my parents.

Q. Any words about your next match?

MARTINA TREVISAN: It will be a very difficult match because Swiatek is also young player. So it is a good player, she beats Halep today. I didn't see the match, but I think she played very good.

So for the moment I enjoy this moment, this win of today, and from tomorrow I will think about my quarterfinal.

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