Roland Garros

Wednesday, 7 October 2020

Paris, France

Pablo Carreno Busta

Press Conference

N. DJOKOVIC/P. Carreno Busta

4-6, 6-2, 6-3, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Give me your thoughts on how it went for you. Started off well, breakpoint chances throughout the match.

PABLO CARRENO BUSTA: Yeah, it was a good match obviously. I play against the No. 1 of the world. At the beginning of the match I think that I play good. I take advantage of the opportunities returning.

Well, then in the beginning of the second set, I have it again but didn't take advantage. That was when he start to play better. Probably it was the moment of the match that I didn't play my tennis, no? I didn't give my level. Probably these five, six, seven games was the worst moment of the match for me.

After that I think that I play good again, good rallies, being aggressive. Of course, when you have in the other side of the court Novak, is not easy to make winners.

But I think the game was close. My level is good. I can play matches against these players, the best players of the world. Happy for this. Of course, not happy for lose this match.

I think I need to continue this way because at the end of the match I continue fighting, I have the chances again to do the break. I think in general it was a good match.

Q. From your side of the net, from your perspective, what did you see going on with Novak and his arm, the stretching between points?

PABLO CARRENO BUSTA: But that's normal, no? He make always.

Q. He had the trainer out. He was holding his arms over his head, stretching out his elbow. Did you notice any of that?

PABLO CARRENO BUSTA: Probably the last years he's always doing this when he has problems on court. I don't know, maybe it's the pressure or something that he needs to do it. But, I mean, he continues playing normal, no? I don't know if he's pain really or he has mental. Ask him.

Q. Roland Garros has been very different this year. Could you tell us what your experience has been like off the court and what you think of your performances over the last two weeks.

PABLO CARRENO BUSTA: Yeah, I think that I am best player than probably last year, no? When I play these kind of matches, in the last round of the Grand Slams, against the best players of the world, I make my best level, I make my best tennis. I'm closer than probably last year. It's good news.

I need to continue this way, working hard. I know that I need it. Well, it's always a positive when you lose but you played during three hours a good level. Of course, if you are in front of the No. 1 of the world most.

Q. You said you are getting closer. What is the difference between the top three and four players in the world and where you are now?

PABLO CARRENO BUSTA: Well, probably the difference? I don't know if the three or four best players of the world, but from Novak and Rafa, the difference is that they play this level all the time, no? Every weeks, during all the year, during every years. I think is the difference, no? The rest of the players, we can play his level or them level, but normally not during five hours or not during three weeks in a row.

I mean, not me, no? Not just me. All the players.

Q. Down to the last four. How do you see the rest of this tournament going on the men's side?

PABLO CARRENO BUSTA: Yes, of course, for me it was a good tournament, no? It's not easy in these moments do this kind of tournaments with a lot of players, with these conditions. They try to do the best for us, the best for the people, the best for the show. Not easy, no?

I have to say thank you for them because in these moments it's not easy to have the opportunity to play a tournament. We don't know if the rest of the tournaments, they are going to make it. Just enjoy the moments we are on court in this year.

Q. (Translated from Spanish.)

PABLO CARRENO BUSTA: Sorry, my fault (smiling).

Yeah, I know the four. I don't know who is the favorite, no? Probably Rafa. He won this tournament a lot of times. But you know, Novak is the No. 1 in this moment. Dieguito beat Rafa two weeks ago in Rome, so will be a tough match for both.

And Tsitsipas, in the US Open he lost a match that probably he never lose again. For sure he would like to do a great match, no?

I don't know. I don't know how to say it because the four players are playing really good. They are with a lot of confidence. I don't know if the final will be like always - Novak and Rafa - or we have a surprise.

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